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I am looking for someone to pack a pod

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December 23, 2012 under Moving Labor

Answered by Jenna Farmer

April 16, 2013

When faced with a DIY move, while economical, the anxiety that comes along with it can be mountainous. Don't panic! Nowadays, with the“you pack, we drive” method of moving becoming increasingly popular, plenty of moving companies are available for just the labor of packing or unpacking – or both. You can get a free moving labor quote at For the most part, moving companies generally charge per hour per mover for this service, and most companies start with a minimum of two professionals.

The pros: You have time to focus on other logistics of your move, and don't have to physically strain yourself while you're also mentally preoccupied with transitioning from your old residence to the new one. And remember, these people are professionals, so they will make the most out of your POD space, so you won't have to leave anything behind that you don't want to.

The cons: Moving costs money, and hiring a service to pack your POD for you is an added expense that some people may or may not be able to afford. You'll also have to trust that these professionals will be careful with your belongings, as not to damage anything, and will load up your POD or trailer in a timely manner.

If you've weighed both sides of the equation for hiring movers to pack your POD or trailer, and decide you'd rather recruit friends, family or neighbors to help you out, make sure you have a game plan of the move before they show up. It's also nice to have food and beverages readily available.

No matter who packs up your POD, you should always know how your belongings are placed inside, so that when it comes time to unload, you can do so in an orderly fashion.

Once you have hired a moving service through, come back to our review page and review your experience for us. You can also leave a comment here if you found this information useful. 

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