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I am moving from Longview Texas to Kingwood Texas out of one house to two separate locations a couple miles apart. Is that possible?

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Asked by Linda

August 25, 2013 under Others

I am moving from Longview Texas to Kingwood Texas out of one house to 2 locations couple of miles apart. Is that possible?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

August 28, 2013

Hi, thanks for visiting! Your move from Longview, Texas to Kingwood, Texas, while not exactly a normal move from one location to another, is still certainly possible. While it's not common to move items from one house to two separate locations, it's something that can be arranged with the moving company that you hire for the job, as long as you make sure to fill them in on the details of the move from the start, so they are aware of the exact logistics of your move and can determine whether or not they are capable of accommodating you.

Most likely, the moving company you hire will load your belongings into the truck and then deliver them first to one location, unloading and unpacking the items that belong there, and then on to the second location a couple of miles away, where they will then unload and unpack the items belonging at that location. While it certainly is a move that involves a little extra effort on the part of the movers, it's not unheard of and can be accomplished.

If you need help finding a moving company that can lend you hand with the move, you need to look no further than where you can fill out our quick and easy-to-use free quote form at the top of the page. After providing us with a few relevant pieces of information about your location and your move, you'll be provided with a list of several moving companies that can service your move. These moving companies will contact you with a quote for your move.

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