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I want to pack my own boxes for shipping to the UK by a moving co. from the USA. I read that this is now prohibited. True or false?

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Asked by Susan

May 24, 2014 under International Moving

Moving from USA to UK

Answered by Nicole La Capria

May 27, 2014

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While it is not legally probihited to pack your own goods for international shipping, some overseas movers may have their own policies on packing your belongings (for example, movers may not be legally responsible for items they have not packed). While it is unlikely that packing your items for overseas shipping would be strictly forbidden, it is often a good idea to allow professionals to handle the task.

Packing for international shipping

To make the long trip from the US to the UK safely, your goods will need to be properly wrapped, crated and palletized to prevent damage. Enlisting assistance from your international mover to ensure everything is professionally packed and prepared will minimize damage. However, if you are having your goods shipped through a freight forwarder directly (without an international moving agent to organize the move) you may be responsible for packing your items on your own.

Get international moving quotes

The best way to ship your goods overseas safely is to hire professional international movers to pack your goods and organize the shipping process for you. If you would like to start comparing quotes from international movers in your area, simply fill out our fast and easy quote form today! You will receive up to seven free, no-obligation moving estimates from overseas movers to ship your goods from the US to the UK.

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