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Is it worth hiring movers or renting a truck?

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Asked by Kathy

January 3, 2021 under Others

This will help you understand the cheaper option to make a move.

Answered by Staff Writer

January 12, 2022

hiring moversA DIY move frequently poses challenges that can make you busy for the whole day. It will be a worthwhile idea to hire movers or rent a truck, which is the best as per your requirement.

Is it worth hiring movers or renting a truck?

While you plan a move, the process of hiring movers or renting a truck can be difficult and baffling. A high chance exists that you will make the wrong decision if you don't analyze several factors affecting a move. You can make things easier if you consider doing research and understand the basic guidelines of both options.

The typical idea is hiring a moving truck is the feasible option and booking movers is the expensive option. The reality is more difficult than this.

If you rent a truck from U-Haul, you will need to pay for food, lodging, and gas. Also, you will have to drive the truck as well as lift the heavy boxes by yourself.

How will you find the cheaper option?

We need to understand that all moves are not the same. To select the cheaper option, consider using the moving calculator and find out your moving cost.

Hiring Movers Vs. Renting a Truck

Compare both the options, analyze the benefits each of them might offer you, while you relocate to a new home. This will help you decide which is the most suitable option for you. For example, you may compare both freight moving and container moving companies if you have planned a long-distance move.

Purpose of Hiring Movers

Moving can be a stressful job.

Let’s explore a few points about hiring professional movers:

  • If you hire movers, they will lift your heavy items as well as drive the moving truck for you.
  • A moving company will pack and unpack the moving boxes for you.
  • On choosing a moving company you can enjoy a faster move as compared to a DIY move.
  • In a few cases, the cost to hire movers would be the same as hiring a moving truck, if you are planning an interstate move.

Purpose of Truck Rental Companies

If you want to make a DIY move, consider choosing truck rental services.

Let’s explore a few other points of renting a moving truck:

  • Most of the truck rental companies offer storage options.
  • You may consider hiring moving laborers who will help you load and unload your items. Alternatively, you will need to manage it all on your own.
  • Most truck rental companies will provide you with a car towing service and you can take control of your belongings as soon as it reaches your destination.

How much does it cost to hire movers?

  • Be prepared for a costly move that seems easy to execute, if you hire professional movers.
  • If you hire a full-service moving company, they will charge you $3000 on average for a local move and $8000 for a long-distance move.

rent a truckHow much to rent a moving truck?

  • A truck rental service is far cheaper than hiring movers, as it might cost you only a few hundred bucks.
  • A cross-country move will cost you approximately $2000 for both moving truck and fuel.

How to hire movers?

  • You may begin by seeking recommendations from friends, colleagues, and neighbors. In this way, you will get the name of a few movers, who have created a good experience for their customers. Also, you may learn about a few companies who have given you the worst experience and you might want to avoid them.
  • Consider doing your research on, check out the services it provides and if it is meeting your budget or not.

How to rent a moving truck?

Since you are looking for a cheaper option, try to book a small truck. Mostly you will save the rental rate and the mile per gallon rate if you choose a smaller vehicle. It is recommended to take the quote from at least five truck rental companies and moving containers if you want storage provision.


First, consider analyzing your moving need then you can check which of the two is offering you the best services at a cheaper rate. Though truck rental companies seem a feasible option, hiring movers will let you benefit from a complete range of services.

So, compare your needs and choose the appropriate option accordingly. You can compare the average costs of both the moving truck rentals and hiring movers depending on the size of the move.


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