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just need 2 people 2 hours to unload a U-Haul truck in Hemet at a storage unit. who would be the best to contact or do I get ahold of a temp service

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Asked by Shari

June 24, 2014 under Moving Labor

need help unloading a truck into a storage unit

Answered by Mike Sannitti

June 25, 2014

Thanks for visiting Movers.com! Let me help you with your question about getting help unloading a truck in Hemet, California.

I was able to take the information you provided and I started your search on our website for two helpers in the Hemet area here. 

I put the date for the service as the first of July for the initial search, but you can alter that to whatever date you choose on that same page. There, you can compare prices from different companies in the area. Be sure to also view the reviews for each company you compare, as well.

Choosing the right service company

It is up to you to choose which of those listed companies will best fit your budget and your needs. You should compare the prices and reviews of at least three different companies. Once you make your choice, simply click the green "book this helper" button on the right of that page and you will contact the service. 

If you want to change your search or start from scartch simply search here for general moving labor services. 

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