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moving a stackable washer/dryer

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Asked by Monique

October 21, 2014 under Others

Trying to move a stackable washer/dryer from a tight space Using an appliance dolly, Should the dolly be placed in front of the stackable OR behind the stackable??

Answered by Jenna Farmer

October 22, 2014

Hi there, thank you for visiting with your question about moving your stackable washer/dryer set. 

The answer to your question will depend on how the set is manufactured.

If it is a front loading washer or dryer, appliance experts say you should have the dolly behind the washer/dryer set, so you do not risk any damage or scratching to the washer door (but having the dolly behind any stackable set is usually the way to go). This will be difficult if your appliance is pushed against a wall in a tight space. In this scenario, you may want to consider using moving straps (and a few strong friends!) to gently slide the unit away from the wall, with enough space to carefully slide the moving dolly underneath the back. 

Does your stackable set come apart? If so, you may want to disassemble it to make the move easier - but use caution! You should always consult the manufacturer's manual before attempting to do any disassembly at home (if you damage the machine while attempting, it could void any warranties).

Contact professionals

  • Depending on the set up of your washer/dryer set, you may need a handyman or even a licensed plumber to disconnect any water hookups in your home
  • Some repairmen have what's called an 'Air Dolly' which can help make the job easier for moving stackable machines, or large appliances like refrigerators
  • If you're uncomfortable with moving the machines by yourself (though, it should never be by yourself - you should have at least one other person helping), you can certainly hire  moving labor  to get the job done quickly, and safely!  
I hope this helps, and good luck with moving your washer/dryer set!


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