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Asked by Robert

August 1, 2016 under Others

Do you have any info about Smart Moving, Inc from Hollywood, FL

Answered by Amy Meerovich

August 2, 2016

Hello, thank you for contacting with your question.

Smart Moving Inc. in Hollywood, FL is a verified mover in our network, but before you hire any moving company, do a background check and read customer reviews.

Background check
Before you book your movers, make sure they are a legitimate company. Search the company's US DOT number with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and search for the company with the Better Business Bureau. These sites will provide details about the company and show you any complaints against them.

Customer reviews
It is equally important to check out the experiences other people had with the company. Their reviews will tell you if they provided an accurate estimate or damaged any items.

Thank you again for your question and good luck with your move!

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