Need small pod for international move from S. Africa to US.
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Moving from South Africa to the US. Looking for a small,10 or less pod that I can pack myself. Any companies out there that do this?

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Asked by Shelby

January 24, 2016 under International Moving

Need small pod for international move from South Africa to US

Answered by Ryan Hussey

January 25, 2016
Hi Shelby, and thank you for your question!

We understand that you're looking for a moving company who offers small pods for international moves. For your relocation from South Africa to the United States, you can head over to our International Moving page to get free moving estimates from reputable international moving companies. These movers can get you from your home in South Africa to your destination in America without a problem. When contacted by these companies, you can specify how large your move is and that you'd like to pack your items into the pod yourself.

To get started, fill out a free quote form with the appropriate information. Then moving companies will begin contacting you with international moving quotes based on the information you provide. Best of luck with your move, Shelby!
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