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Asked by Rhonda

April 16, 2014 under International Moving

I am moving to Ecuador, need a local "holding" or storage facility until the container arrives to collect my things to be shipped. Any local international companies?

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

April 16, 2014

Hello! Thanks for visiting I'd be happy to help you with your question. 

International Moving 

Moving internationally can be difficult and stressful so it's important to find a company that you can trust and work well with. At you can fill out a free quote form and get a list of up to 7 companies in your area that can help you with your move. 

Before choosing a company to work with, it's important to ask them all the questions you have have and to voice any concerns you have. They're there to help you. Be sure to get estimates from at least 3 different companies so you can compare prices and find one that works best for you. Lastly, it's always a good idea to do your research about any company you hire.  


Finding a self-storage facility is a great alternative to selling or getting rid of unwanted items that you can't take with you on your  move. We make it easy to find safe and reliable storage companies in your area.  

If you're able to part with more items before your move, you'll not only be helping those in need, but you'll be saving yourself some cash in the end by lightening your moving load since companies generally charge by weight. You'll also save yourself some money by making sure to maximise the space in your unit and by renting a size that is appropriate for your items. 

When you store your items, it's important to pack them away safely and securely to prevent damage that way it's one less thing to worry about when you move.

Thank you for visiting We wish you the best of luck with your move.  

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