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Asked by Tina

June 4, 2015 under Others

How much time should it take to pack a box of fragile items, and how much time to pack a box of regular items?

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

June 4, 2015
Good morning, thanks for visiting Movers.com for help with your question about packing boxes with fragile items. 

When it comes time to packing up your fragile items you want to pack them with care so it will take time to wrap those fragile items and place them in the box securely. This will obviously vary from box to box and the amount of items you place inside those boxes. 

Packing supplies and packing materials
It's important to use proper packing materials when possible during your move. These items will protect your items and keep them secure during transit helping them arrive intact. 

Read more about packing fragile items with these guides:

Thanks for visiting Movers.com and best of luck with your move. 

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