What is an I.R. Surcharge?
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What is an I.R. Surcharge ?

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Asked by Scott

June 24, 2016 under Others

Irregulated Surcharge I am looking for what it is and why you would be charged that.

Answered by Nicole La Capria

June 24, 2016
Hello, and thank you for visiting Movers.com!

I'm sorry to hear you are confused about a charge on your moving bill. Every moving company has different policies, and many charge extra fees for a variety of things. If your move required any special services, your items needed special handling, etc, you may incur surcharges.

If you have any questions about surcharges on your bill, the best thing to do is ask the moving company why you were charged and what it means. If you feel you were wrongly charged, there are several ways you can file a claim with your mover to receive compensation.

Good luck resolving your matter with your mover, and thank you for your question!
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