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What is used to move furniture?

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Asked by Kellen

December 31, 2020 under Others

Let’s learn a few ways which you can use to move your furniture.

Answered by Staff Writer

January 24, 2022

professional movers equipmentIf you are wondering how to move heavy furniture and worried about damaging the floor or the furniture itself, we have a few recommendations for you. Let's read below to learn about the correct moving equipment or other moving supplies which will help you make a move go smoother.

What is used to move furniture?

Once your heavy furniture is ready to be moved, you need to pick the right moving equipment, that will help you to accomplish your job.

Moving Straps

A moving strap can be easily attached to your shoulders and will help you to move heavy furniture without taking the complete load. If you know how to use moving straps, you can either buy or rent it from local movers.

Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders are pieces of long-lasting plastic with a solid rubber surface that will allow you to slide heavy furniture easily past the hardwood floor, carpet, or even ceramic tiles.

  • Place one glider under each leg or edge of your furniture, which will help you move a furniture piece without putting much effort.

Furniture Dolly

If you don’t want to use a furniture slider, you may consider using a furniture dolly, which can either be a two-wheel hand truck or a four-wheel square surface.

  • A furniture dolly will fasten a furniture piece to the wheeled assistant by using straps, ropes, or strings.
  • Consider seeking help from at least one person who will help you in navigating your way safely both in and out.

Moving furniture on hardwood floors

If you have rooms with a hardwood floor, you might want to learn the correct technique to move heavy furniture without damaging the floor. We recommend using furniture sliders for hardwood floors designed to not leave marks. Also, you can use a moving dolly with soft rubber wheels that will not make any scratches on the floor.

Tip: We recommend you lift your furniture piece slightly, if possible so that you can ensure a hassle-free move.

What can you use to move your heavy furniture upstairs or downstairs?

Before using the trick, you should consider dissembling the furniture as much as possible and minimizing the weight of your furniture.

  • You can use a wooden plank for both the loading and unloading of your furniture pieces.
  • To secure the wooden plank, you need to wrap it in a moving blanket and glide the furniture across the stairs.
  • You may need the support of at least people to accomplish the task of moving heavy furniture upstairs or downstairs.

List of moving supplies used to move furniture

Other than the moving equipment we have discussed above, let’s identify a few moving supplies that you might need while you move your furniture.

  • Furniture blankets- It offers the best double protection to both your furniture and property, so we recommend you use them if you plan to move by yourself. You will just need to wrap it around a furniture piece with stretch tape or packing tape and ensure a move without damaging your items.
  • Bubble wraps- If you have small furniture pieces to move, a bubble wrap will provide you with outstanding furniture. Alternatively, if you fall short of bubble wraps you can use towels or thick clothing pieces to protect your furniture.
  • Corner guards- By simply mounting a corner guard you can safeguard the corners and walls of the furniture from accidental dents or chips.
  • Plywood sheets- You need to place a plywood sheet on a tile, hardwood floor, or carpeted floor, which will prevent damaging the surface, while a heavy furniture piece is dragged across your place.

So, moving furniture isn’t a big deal, if you have the right set of equipment and other moving supplies in hand. Yet, if you don’t want to take stress, we recommend you hire professional movers who know the right techniques and have the right equipment to complete your move. If you don’t know how to use moving equipment, avoid using it as this might lead to accidental injuries.

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