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What items will Movers not move?

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Asked by Cabral

December 26, 2020 under Others

Is there anything that a mover can’t move?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 29, 2021

If you are planning to hire movers to get the job done, you should be aware that there are some items (non-allowable) that professional movers won't move in their moving trucks.

Here’s the ultimate checklist of items movers won’t move:

  • Hazardous materials and flammable items:
    • Hazardous materials and flammable items are illegal to move. So, you should not expect movers to transport anything flammable or explosive. The following are some of the prohibited items that moving company will refuse to transport for safety reasons:
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Gasoline, kerosene, and fireworks
  • Acids
  • Deodorants and hair sprays
  • Chemicals and paints
  • Car batteries
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Bleach
  • Nail polish and polish remover
  • Lamp oil

Tip:?When you are relocating your equipment drain the gas from the tank before loading into the truck.

  • Perishable food
    • Although food is not as dangerous as hazardous materials, but perishables can cause a lot of damage and make a huge mess. So before moving, it's better to avoid packing the fresh or frozen foods
  • Personal items
    • Movers do not move any personal items or valuables. Before the moving day, you need to collect and keep all of your personal items such as documents, credit/debit cards, collections, artworks, jewelry, medical records, and other important papers with you.
  • Living plants
    • When you are moving long-distance, gift the plants to someone because it is illegal to move plants more than 150 miles without a license. But if it’s a local move, just ask movers whether they are willing to transport live plants.
  • Pets
    • Movers cannot take any pets onto their moving trucks. So, you can use your own car to transport your pet, or you can take them on the plane with you.

Why movers won’t move these certain items?

The main reason movers will not move these items is for safety. Safety is the most important factor when moving items. Each professional moving company will have its own version of a non-allowable list of prohibited items - a detailed list of non-transportable goods which you shouldn’t pack or prepare for packing because the moving company you choose to hire will not pack or move them for you. When it comes to your personal items, movers don’t want to have liability if anything is missing. So, make sure to pack and move anything personal and of high value yourself before the movers arrive.

What items can be moved by movers?

Below are a few items that movers can move but you need to prepare them before the movers arrive:

  • Lawnmower, weedwhacker, and other items with gasoline and oil must be drained of all flammables before moving.
    • You should empty, unplug, and clean your refrigerator one day before you move.
  • Movers will be able to move non-perishable and unopened food items.
  • Movers can move your large furniture. So, make sure to dust and clean them before you begin packing.

Since the list of items movers won’t move is not common for all companies, to know what to pack and what to leave behind you, contact your moving company and get information about their terms and conditions. This will help you to get organized on time and get ready when the moving day arrives.

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