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What kind of moving containers do you have for paintings of all sizes? How do you charge? Can more than one painting go into 1 container?

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Asked by Cecile

October 14, 2012 under Moving Companies

Answered by Robert Moreschi

April 15, 2013

During the packing process, you'll often find that some items are a lot easier to pack than others because of how delicate they are or because of their shape. This is true for paintings and other types of artwork. It's difficult to pack them because they require special boxes that will not only fit their shape, but also provide enough structural support to ensure that they wo not be damaged on the truck during the move.

Fortunately, there are special moving boxes that are available for the sole purpose of transporting paintings and artwork, whether they're valuable paintings, antique pieces of art or just your favorite dining room painting that you want to keep for your new home. The process involved with packing a painting is fairly simply once you obtain the special moving boxes and there are only a few steps to follow keep your paintings safe during the move and ensure that they arrive at your new home intact.

The first step is to acquire these special picture boxes. You can visit our moving supplies section at to buy some picture boxes for your paintings. Once you've purchased the boxes, which typically fit one painting or picture each and sell for about $8.50, you can begin the process of packing them. First, if the painting or picture is covered with glass, place two long strips of masking tape in the shape of an "X" on the glass to preserve its integrity and prevent it from shattering.

Then, wrap the picture or painting and the frame in a layer of unprinted newspaper, before wrapping it in bubble wrap. It's important to have the layer of newspaper first so the plastic bubble wrap does not damage the frame or the glass. Finally, place the painting into the box and seal the box properly, making sure to mark the outside of it with marker so the movers know the contents are fragile.

To read more about how to pack paintings, picures and mirrors, as well as any other difficult items you may encounter during the packing process, visit our moving guides page where you'll find an extensive list of moving guides on just about any moving topic under the sun.

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