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Will movers move Ikea furniture?

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Asked by Julie

December 23, 2020 under Others

Let us explore if it is possible for the movers to move Ikea furniture.

Answered by Staff Writer

December 7, 2021

move ikea furnitureIkea furniture is seen in almost every home in the country. It has gained popularity because of its reasonable price, and the convenience at which it is available. Ikea furniture assembly seems entertaining, engaging, and a triumph, though it can prove annoying in a few instances.

The Ikea pieces are available in contemporary designs. This makes it an attractive factor. But if you decide to move, it will give you more trouble than the benefits it can offer.

Can You Move Ikea Furniture?

Ikea furniture is both simple and complex as compared to other furniture brands. The Ikea pieces are not very heavy and not strong as well.

Moving the Ikea furniture from one location to another seems to be a risky job. You may need to put in a lot of effort and do proper planning, as you want to ensure a smooth move. Also, moving Ikea pieces can be expensive as at the same price you will get a new furniture piece.

How to Move Ikea Furniture?

  • You may have to disassemble such furniture as you might want to offer them the best protection.
  • You need to attentively load the furniture pieces into the cargo van as you might want to keep them secure till it reaches your new house.
  • Ensure extra caution while you unload your furniture and move it inside your new house.
  • You may seek the assistance of your friends and family as dissembling a big piece of furniture might require at least two people.

How to Load Ikea Furniture into the Moving Truck?

  • Bound the floor of the cargo van with moving blankets as you might want to offer extra security.
  • Stack the particleboard console horizontally on the sides of the truck. You may use blankets to fill out the furniture pieces and safeguard them during transportation.
  • You need to take care that there are heavy boxes placed on top of the Ikea furniture pieces.
  • If you have assembled furniture, consider using solid ropes or straps as you might want to protect your furniture.
  • You need to distribute the furniture equally in the cargo van. If you do so, you will be able to strike a balance inside the truck.

Will Movers Move Ikea Furniture?

You may get a moving company who will move Ikea furniture to your new home. There is limited liability for any damaged Ikea furniture pieces. The movers will transport your Ikea furniture, only if it has been disassembled and packed properly. If you have furniture ready to construct, it will not be able to manage the pressure while on the move.

Before we learn the tips to move Ikea furniture, let us explore something interesting that will help us to understand the tips better.

Can you disassemble Ikea furniture?

Of course, you can detach Ikea furniture, as you might have the need to move with it or even for storage. You can go through the disassembly instructions as you might to ensure a smooth process.

Easy to detach Ikea furniture

  • Dining table
  • Bed frames
  • Outdoor Ikea furniture
  • Bookshelves
  • Chairs

Difficult to disassemble Ikea furniture

  • Drawers
  • Wardrobes
  • Sofas

Learning the Best Ways to Move Ikea Furniture

Though it sounds risky to relocate with your Ikea furniture, you may still try these steps and make your journey easy.

  • Disassemble the furniture- DIY furniture cannot handle twists and turns, while it moves around. Dissembling your Ikea furniture can be the solution as you might not want to loosen the screws of the big furniture pieces. You may consider measuring the moving truck and then your items. If the space is sufficient, you can detach the big parts only and accommodate the small parts into the truck.
  • Read the assembly instruction- It seems a great idea to read the assembly manual that comes with the furniture. Though you may have confidence that you can do your work, you should keep the manual handy, as you need to fix your furniture in the correct order. Also, do not panic if you have lost the manual because you can easily find it online. You just need to download the relevant PDF and proceed with your work.
  • Tag every moving item- You may have to tag every furniture piece you have dissembled for the move. Consider using masking tape to label every item you might have taken out from the assembled Ikea furniture. You may begin labeling your furniture up to down and from right to left. Moreover, if you get any dowels and screws, keep them in ziploc bag and tag them as per the furniture piece to which it belongs.
  • Apply adequate padding- Ensure to pack your furniture pieces in thick and secured covers, like towels or moving blankets. You may use plastic tapes to keep the protective layers fixed. If you have a small piece of furniture, ensure to pack them properly in a moving blanket and then insert the protective layer to keep them enveloped always.
  • Load the Ikea furniture safely- Ultimately, you will have to load the furniture into the cargo van.

If you have read this guide, your tension of moving with Ikea furniture might have reduced. Now, you may feel content that you do not have to leave your precious possessions behind.


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