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Atlantic Beach Movers, Inc., Virginia Beach VA Location


Atlantic Beach Movers, Inc., Virginia Beach VA
3845 Bonney Rd #112
Virginia BeachVA 23452 USA

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Phone: 757-228-5090

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No Photo J
June 5, 2018


Worst Movers In Existence

I include below emails I sent to them after the move that will let you know in full why it's a very bad idea to sign up with these movers. If I were you, I'd keep looking - or you will regret it like I did. Every single piece of my furniture was damaged, and the owner is stalling and finding excuses to not pay out the damages. When the owner - Bill - does a walk through before hand to give you a quote; he will seem like 'a nice guy.' But don't be fooled. He will say anything you want to hear to get your business - he's very good at that. Will overcharge you compared to other movers, and then all your stuff will be damaged - and he will not pay out damages. I have over $3k in damages that they are not covering - which means I got screwed. I will be taking legal action. As reviewers on Google reviews noted, don't fall for the positive reviews. There's no way those could be real. The owner of the company probably got friends and family to post fake positive reviews. My email to them on 6/1/2018: Bill, I still not heard from you. The damages are beyond belief. Every single piece of furniture has been damaged. I have over 10 pieces damaged. I have pictures on everything. In the last 6 years of moves, I've never had such damage. And yet you charged me more than anyone ever had - which should have ensured a professional move. But it didn't because it's clear you simply don't care about making sure people get their furniture undamaged. It seems all you care about is overcharging people for a move - and you will say whatever it takes to get someone to sign up with your company - but it's all just words; their stuff will inevitably arrive damaged because you and your crew don't care about doing a good job; then disappearing when you're contacted about damages. NOTHING was wrapped properly - as agreed. NONE of my furniture was wrapped before they were loaded. They were loaded unwrapped - and some blankets simply thrown on them. And then moved off without any wrapping or protection. The truck was filthy. My furniture has black, thick dust on it that was not on it before it was loaded. That did not happen when I moved down to Virginia Beach, so you keep dirty trucks. Now I discover that they lost the middle leg of my bed - it's not there. This bed by itself costs $2k, and the middle leg is not there - which is supposed to hold the weight of the bed up. And I also found screws that popped off because that drunkard didn't put it together properly. Which means this bed is going to collapse. Not only that, they made scratches all over the place on the wood floor of the old place. I have pictures of all that. And I wake up to find a hole in the living room wall of my new place - that was not there before they moved the stuff in. I have pictures. -You send a drunkard as part of th

Origin : Virginia Beach
Destination : Northern Virginia

Quoted Price : $2,650.00
Actual Price : $2,705.00

No Photo Sam
October 23, 2017


Great move

I called they came . They moved me by the hour and I mean they moved. No playing around. They move what I wanted and put it in the new place with no damages. They said about 3 -4 hours to get this done. The last company took 4 1/2 hour so I was not surprised when they estimated 4 hours. I was surprised when Atlantic Beach Movers did it in 3 hours. Thanks guys I will call again!

Origin : Virginia Beach Va
Destination : Virginia Beach Va

Quoted Price : $525.00
Actual Price : $525.00

No Photo Amy
March 13, 2013


never again

I have recently had one of the worst experiences of my life with this company. I hired them to move a small amount of furniture from my house, 20 minutes away and into a storage bin for 30 days. They gave me a price of 600 some dollars over the phone and said that included everything. One of the moving guys had paperwork for me to sign and assured me that included everything as well. It seemed steep but I was desperate, so agreed. My stuff was in storage for maybe two weeks when I was able to go get it. Diane, one of their employees, agreed to meet me and unlock the storage unit. I advised her on the phone that I had people with me to move the furniture but for some reason she showed up with two guys and insisted I never told her I didn't need additional help. They sat there and watched us move furniture, it took about 30 minutes. She then informed me that the company was going to place an additional 300 dollar charge on my card for meeting me to pick up my stuff! When I said no you can't do that, she told me I'd need to speak to her boss, Bill I believe was his name. I called him and left a message asking him to call me and explain why he wanted to charge me more $, but never got a call back. Well lo and behold, 2 days later, sure enough they placed a 250 charge on my card. When I called my bank they told me the company tried to take 750 dollars but since I didn't have the funds, they then withdrew 250! It's now being disputed by my bank and it looks like I will get my money back since I never signed for any additional funds to be taken, but what a pain the as*. I have not received any good explanation from this company as to why they tried to rob me, the most I've gotten out of them is when I called and Diane said it was for cleanup. Well I was smart enough to take pictures of the empty storage bin which was spotless, not one piece of trash. Buyer beware! If I could go back in time I'dve rather left all of my furniture behind than gone through this stupidness. Also my digital camera is gone. I stupidly left it in one of the nighstands they moved, so I guess they did get away with robbing me after all...

Origin : Portsmouth, VA
Destination : Virginia Beach, VA

Quoted Price : $700.00
Actual Price : $1,700.00

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