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Member of AMSA: Yes
Member of BBB: Yes
License Info: US DOT # 1788575
ICC MC # 651519
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 6/1/2008

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BestWay Moving LLC
1221 First St
AlexandriaVA 22314 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 800-675-7470
Phone: 703-664-0226
Fax: 800-675-6047

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No Photo Diane
January 27, 2014

Overall a good move

Their price was nearly double what I had anticipated, but other than that they were pretty good. They were careful with my stuff and the crew was good. One was really nice, one was okay -- he was a little grumpy, I don't know if he was just tired -- and they didn't have their own tool set. I had to dismantle a couple of things, like my bed and stuff, and I had to go and borrow some tools for them to use and work with. I wondered why they didn't have their own tools. The customer service was very responsive and it was good, and the price that they charged me turned out to be double the estimate they gave me. He had mentioned that there would be a little change because of packing supplies and stuff, but it was a much larger change than I had anticipated. My advice to future customers would be to ask them if there is another job after your job, because there were some things that they left here because they had to get to another job.

Origin : Germantown, MD
Destination : College Estates, MD

No Photo Samuel
January 22, 2013

They didn't pack our stuff properly

They came on-time. The problem was when they took the stuff to the storage place, they didn't pack it properly so therefore we cannot even open it. When we go there, we cannot open it. The prices were okay, no problem with that. I don't know what they did. They should have packed it properly so that we can open them when you go in. We used another company (American Van Lines) last time and they were great and they packed our things properly during there was more stuff with them and we can even open the storage. This company didn't pack properly and we have problem in opening it.

Origin : Community, VA
Destination : Community, VA

No Photo Richard
September 6, 2012

Quick and efficient and showed a ...

The best thing about these guys is that they didn't call me at odd hours unlike other moving companies which I contacted. Instead they checked in with me through emails and let me do my thing. They were also quick and efficient and showed a willingness to work with my situation and they gave me a competitive estimate and took care of all my stuff.

Origin : Bowie, MD
Destination : Saint Petersburg, FL

No Photo Tracy
December 30, 2011

Service was excellent, but I felt ...

The movers arrived within the timeframe quoted. They were proficient and did an excellent job. I specifically asked if there were other charges, and the only charge I was made aware of was if they wrapped my big screen television, therefore I took care of that myself. I was told the movers would come in and wrap my furniture, but no mention of an additional charge. Therefore I was suprised to learn afterwards that I was being charged for the tape and boxes used. For the most part, I did not need the boxes around tables, and would have declined or supplied my own had I known it was extra. Being that they charged additional for credit card purchases, I was prepared to pay in cash. These additional charges forced me to pay by credit card as I did not have that much cash on hand and therefore pay another $60 in processing fees. While satisfied with the service, I do not like suprises and would not use this company again.

Origin : Frederick, MD
Destination : Harrisburg, PA

Quoted Price : $618.75
Actual Price : $725.00

No Photo Sam
April 6, 2011

Professional service

Great courteous and professional service of a local mover with a big heart and tender care. I got taken care of in no time. My things were in pristine condition. Their movers really know what they are doing. Classy and professional. Thanx for your hard work and customer service Best Way.

Origin : Alexandria, VA
Destination : Washington, DC

Quoted Price : $595.00
Actual Price : $650.00

For those who think that relocation is a stressful job, we the BestWay Moving provide the solution. Are you moving to the next street, same street, long distance or international? We give you all necessary guidance to make your move simple and comfortable. Our team including every individual is an expert in their respective departments and is highly eligible in providing variety of services to you through our company. We are concerned more about the customer satisfaction than our profit in the business. We work hard to get your confidence and trust of depending on us.

Our incomparable service made us known to our entire customers. In the case of transporting goods we take the safety of the customers belongings very seriously. Our local and long distance moving includes a free on-site estimation for your travel which will be done at your place. The charge we take from you will be accurate and at the same time we make sure it is affordable. We will not charge extra for carrying your goods upstairs, or on elevator or for an extra stop or mileage. When it comes to billing we make hourly charges for the local transport and flat rates for other. On selected move you will be getting discounts. The goods handed over to us will be safe, and will deliver them on time. Depending on your need you can avail our storage facility for both short and long term, which is equipped with modern tracking/security system to safeguard all your belongings. There are discounts available on storage facility too.

Please contact us for further clarification, we will be happy to keep you informed.

Entity Type: Carrier
Operating Status: Authorized For HHG
Out of Service Date: None
DUNS Number: -
Power Units: 3
Drivers: 3
MCS-150 Form Date: 4/29/2013
MCS-150 Mileage (Year): 30,000 (2012)
Operation Classification: Auth. For Hire
Carrier Operation: Interstate
Cargo Carried: Household Goods

Business Address:
3700 Ironwood Place Hyattsville, MD, 20785
Phone: 800-675-7470
Fax: 800-675-6047

Mailing Address:
3700 Ironwood Place Hyattsville, MD, 20785

Last Updated Date: November 28, 2013

Property Passenger Household Goods Private Enterprise


Type Common Contract Broker
Status Active None None
App Pending No No No


Type BIPD Cargo Bond
Required $750,000 Yes No
On File $750,000 Yes No

Authority History

Auth TypeHousehold Goods Common Carrier
Original ActionGranted
Original Action Dt.08/07/2008
Disposition Dt.

Active/Pending Insurance

Insurance CarrierStratford Insurance Company
Posted Date02/19/2013
Converage From and To$0 - $750,000
Effective Date02/17/2013
Cancellation Date

Rejected Insurance

Insurance CarrierCanal Insurance Co.
Converage From and To$0 -
Received Date02/22/2013
Rejected Date02/22/2013

Insurance History

Insurance CarrierCanal Insurance Co.
Converage From and To$0 - $750,000
Effective Dt. From and To 02/17/2012 - 02/17/2013 Replaced

Insurance Address

CarrierCanal Insurance Co.
AuthAgent Support


Inspection Type Vehicle Driver Hazmat IEP
Inspections 9 9 0 0
Out of Service 1 1 0 0
Out of Service % 11.1 11.1 0 0
Nat'l Average %
(2009- 2010)
20.72 5.51 4.5 N/A


Type Fatal Injury Tow Total
Crashes 0 0 0 0

Review Information

Rating Date Rating Review Date Type
6/17/2009 - - Non-Ratable

Unsafe Driving

10< 3 insp. w/viol.65%

Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) : 30000
VMT Year : 2012
VMT Source : Registration (MCS-150)
Average Power Units (APU) x Utilization Factor (UF) : 3
Total Inspections with Unsafe Driving Violations : 1
Total Unsafe Driving Violations : 1

Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance

1.05< 3 insp. w/viol.65%

Relevant Inspections : 9
Total Inspections with Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance Violations : 1
Total Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance Violations : 1

Driver Fitness


Relevant Inspections : 9
Total Inspections with Driver Fitness Violations : 0
Total Driver Fitness Violations : 0


Controlled Substances and Alcohol


Relevant Inspections : 9
Total Inspections with Controlled Substances and Alcohol Violations : 0
Total Controlled Substances and Alcohol Violations : 0

Vehicle Maintenance


Relevant Inspections : 9
Total Inspections with Vehicle Maintenance Violations : 6
Total Vehicle Maintenance Violations : 17

Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance

-Not Public80%

Relevant Inspections : 0
Total Inspections with Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance Violations : 0
Total Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance Violations : 0

Crash Indicator


Average Power units : 3
Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) : 0
VMT Year :
VMT Source :
Average Power Units (APU) x Utilization Factor (UF) : 3
Number of Crashes : 0
Number Tow-aways : 0
Number with Injuries or Fatalities : 0
Number with HM Release : 0

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