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Accuracy of Estimate 4.6
Moving Services 4.6
Packing Services 4.6
Professionalism 4.6

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License Info: US DOT # 2440483
ICC MC # 841876
IM # 2243, MV660
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 1/1/2012

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United Royal Van Lines Location


United Royal Van Lines
1835 E Hallandale Beach blvd # 238
Hallandale BeachFL 33009 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 888-630-7775
Phone: 954-825-9815
Fax: 888-503-2385

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No Photo Larry
July 7, 2016


worst service ever

I had to call the sheriff 4 times to finally track down my stuff and it took a month to get to denver. Lost over $2000 worth of my stuff and they want to pay me $62 are you kidding me

Origin : gulf breeze fl
Destination : denver co

No Photo Marion
August 28, 2015



HORRIBLE. *Waited 3 months for my goods.*NEVER received 1 call from them for over a month

Origin : Toms River, NJ
Destination : Engle., Co

Quoted Price : $1,600.00
Actual Price : $3,300.00

No Photo Deepak
August 20, 2015


Fake Reviews

Move - Virginia to Seattle Goods pick up date - June 22 Status as of Aug 19 - Goods not delivered. Not even shipped. Amount Paid - 1541.25 of 2100.01 (Total price) Verbally committed that goods would be delivered in less than 10 days. As of Aug 19, goods haven’t even been loaded to a truck for delivery. Moving coordinator, Michael is completely dishonest and unresponsive; so is the entire crew, I interacted with. You need to make a minimum of 20 phone calls to make them answer you. If they do, you hear goods will be shipped that day or the day after, which never happens. I opt not to express my extreme frustration, in writing. This, by far, is the most unprofessional company, that I have worked with. They are UNBELIEVABLY unethical. Authorities shouldn't let them run. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. *** I haven't seen such an unprofessional and dishonest crew before. These are fake reviews. Please validate them or else it is injustice towards the visitors of this website. ** I will edit the review (if there is a way to), when (if) I receive the goods

Origin : Virginia
Destination : Washington

Quoted Price : $2,100.01

No Photo Mike
August 15, 2015


Before considering United Royal Van ...

First off when the movers pick up your stuff, they will attempt to surcharge if your door is more than 50 ft from an elevator. Now let's imagine that they picked up your stuff and told you that on - let's say Saturday - they would call you with a tracking number, a driver's cell phone, and a precise ETA. Sounds perfect, you think. And then Saturday comes around and you get no phone call. As an experiment, try calling their 888 number and see if you can get a human to answer the phone. Try calling on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Try calling at 10 AM, 11 AM - in fact, try at various times from 9 to 5 and see if you can reach anybody. Leave voicemail and see if you get a callback. Now imagine that you in this limbo with all your stuff being held in a warehouse and you can't get any response from the company. Do not be fooled by their so -called 5* rating, I guarantee you it is completely concocted. Do you really want the hassle of calling the police to extract your stuff from their warehouse? Don't do it.

Origin : miami, fl
Destination : atlanta, ga

Quoted Price : $1,400.00
Actual Price : $1,499.00

No Photo Tabatha
July 27, 2015




Origin : Maryland
Destination : Nevada

Quoted Price : $1,977.00
Actual Price : $2,777.00

No Photo Sayed
June 23, 2015


Professional SCAM

Professional rip-off, horrible service, significant delay, damaged stuff, and unethical and bad treatment. Worst moving experience I ever had. Would rank this company in negative if available. I recently used this company to ship my household from FL to MI. I ended up overcharged $2400, the shipment arrived after significant delay, and most of my furniture and household were broken or damaged. Worst customer service. Tried contacting the company by phone, fax, email, and even regular mail to resolve this issue without success. This company allegedly quoted me much smaller size for my inventory to put me at stress on the pickup day, charge more than in the binding contract, and fix the paperwork to appear I had additional stuff and that a revised estimate was given to me prior to loading the stuff. Further, this company used careless and irresponsible subcontractor, such that my stuff was delivered after a significant delay, most of it broken or damaged. When shopping for moving services, the moving coordinator in this company was very details-oriented and spent about an hour with me over the phone asking for details about every item I am shipping. This, along with the reasonable quote he gave me, encouraged me to sign a BINDING contract with the company to ship my stiff, which was the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life. The main issues I have with the company is that they did not abide by the binding contract. They started off by deliberately underestimated the price for the volume of goods I was shipping. The moving coordinator even balked when I suggested adding another 100 cubic feet to the estimate, just in case. He repeatedly assured me that the system they use for estimating the inventory size exaggerates the size for my favor, such that I will end up NOT paying any more than the quoted price. The first thing the moving crew did after arrival at my house in the morning of the moving day was to check my inventory to make sure it is the same as in the contract and had me sign the order to start loading the truck (with the same price in the binding estimate). I was, therefore, shocked to learn, after most of my goods were loaded on the somewhat undersized truck that arrived (by the way, not the fancy truck pictured in the company website, rather a small rented truck), that my goods would not fit and that, indeed, I would be charged an additional $2,400. This was told to me AFTER the workers had loaded most of the goods onto the truck, albeit in a rather haphazard manner. I was told that I had two options, one of which was that the movers would unload my goods and leave them on the ground, or that I could sign a revised estimate (in which they state that it was given to me BEFORE they start loading the truck) due to “additional goods” I had, which is not true. I was, therefore, obligated to sign or I would have been left helpless with all my furniture on the ground before me and no one from the company customer ser

Origin : Jacksonville, FL
Destination : Ann Arbor, MI

Quoted Price : $5,999.00
Actual Price : $8,400.00

No Photo Carol
June 22, 2015



I had the White Glove Premium Package. - Their blankets were dusty - They had no plastic covers for my mattresses. I had to provide - They did not have the 140 18" X 18" X 18" boxes quoted to me. They used 13" X 13" X 16" - They lost many of my items. Food, pictures, detergent, soaps, towels, batteries missing. - Many of my items were taken. (Proof: I had wrapped several items in individual bags and placed them collectively in bigger bags. Item was missing from it's individual bag and the empty bag left). - Pick up foreman asked me for a gratuity before I could offer it. - They ran out of packing materials. Foreman had to go to a Home Depot to get paper. - It took them 7 hours to pack my apartment. - Final cost almost doubled - The person I dealt with has yet to respond to my original complaint. - You are charged extra for stairs and feet away from the truck. My door was not more than 50 feet away from the truck, and what apartment do you have a flight of stairs with only 7 stairs to a flight. This is not realistic. - I was told that the same people who picked up my items would be the same people delivering. This was not true. - Many items were not tagged. - Some of my items were left on the ground after they finished loading up the truck and were getting ready to close it.. I had to point these out to them for tagging and loading. - I offered to feed them and the foreman declined, so why is all of my food missing? - My sofa table collapsed because they did not remove the legs. It was delivered to me wrapped up in a blue blanket which was taped all the way around. Apparently, it was wrapped over after it collapsed. Needless to say it is unusable. - Some of my pictures were packed in a carton I brought home from a food store with only three sides. The open side was sparingly closed up with packing tape. When I complained about it not being boxed, all he did was put bubble wrap in one hole of the open side. Needless to say, many of the items in this carton arrived broken. There is more, but a formal complaint will be filed with the approriate authorities. This was just BAD, BAD, Did I say, BAD SERVICE!!!!! The delivery men were good, but still was charged more for stairs and being more than 50 FT away from the truck. Unfortunately, there good is overshadowed by the entire experience.

Origin : Richmond, VA
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $3,937.29
Actual Price : $6,914.50

No Photo Premkumar
June 19, 2015


Worst Customer Service

To start with , pickup was on time (28th May 2015) and quick. One of the guys who were involved in the move was rude and careless in handling things.Tore the mattress sover we bought. Threw around things. Luckily none of our items were fragile. After the pickup, i received a mail with the Job number and link to track the shipment. Believe me or not. The status has not changed since 3 weeks. It just says : your package is booked and contact Customer service" While pickup itself , i mentioned the drop date as between 10 and 13th June 2015. They were so generous to give me 1 month free storage. Later i discovered the fact that storage would be inside the truck itself. Coming to Customer Service - The worst i have ever seen. I called on 8th June to inform my drop-off date would be 13th June. The customer service agent picks up immediately and says i would get back a call with an ETA when i can get my items. I never got a call back. Later , I have been trying to reach the customer service executive for 3 days for followup. It always went for voice mail all the times in a day. They dont pick your calls by seeing your number i guess. Best of that is you wont be able to leave a voice mail , because their voice mail box is full. With great difficulty , i reached the customer service after 3 days , just to get an answer that there will be no ETA. Always get the same reply - Driver would call 24 hours before he reaches my place. Well it has not happened. After a week , after great difficuly and multiple tries and harsh mails(no reply there as well) ,reached an agent just to get an answer that 5 days (20th June) is ETA. I had asked for update on 18th and no reply for email or phone call. The agreement says you will be given verbal information on your package.ITS FAKE. I understood , why they mentioned verbal because , they are sure , they will not be able to deliver on time. And no information will be given. I am still waiting for my package, lying down on the floor in my new home. Never ever go for this company.

Origin : Norristown, PA
Destination : Memphis, TN

No Photo Daymi
May 31, 2015


biggest scam, stay alert

Dont hire this company they are an scam, first they rip u off with pricing, then they lie to u and if u are lucky you'll get your furniture, they charged me double and still didnt get my furniture, i opened an investigation already, just dont hire them they are the biggest scam of all companies.

Origin : Miami fl
Destination : Denver Colorado

Quoted Price : $1,863.00
Actual Price : $3,800.00

No Photo Snehal
May 27, 2015


good one

good one

Origin : pensacola,florida
Destination : atlanta,ga

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

No Photo Anallese
August 18, 2014


I know that they are good!

Recently I had some rumors about Unity Royal Van Lines. Some bad people said that they were not careful with the objects and they charge too much for a low-quality moving service. Right in that period I was in need of a moving service, because I had to leave North Port and to move in a different state. I’ve decided to work with Unity Royal Van Lines movers and all I can tell you is that I was not disappointed. You have no reasons to be sad when these guys are working for you.

Origin : North Port, FL
Destination : Rockville, MD

No Photo Lyla
August 16, 2014


Capable and Well Experienced

My old apartment contained a lot of heavy and big electronics. This made me a little nervous for the move as I was worried about the uninstalling in the old house and reinstalling them in the new apartment. However, the movers proved themselves capable as they wonderfully uninstalled them and reinstalled them in my new home. Besides, the move was simply perfect. I had a great experience all round in this move. You guys are simply the best movers around.

Origin : Gainesville, GA
Destination : Addison, IL

No Photo Steph
August 15, 2014


Highly Professional Movers

Our company hired a big moving company last year to move our stuff but most of their workers did not know the job. The move was not really perfect. Even though United Royal Van Lines is smaller than that company but the job they did in my move was highly excellent. Although my stuff was smaller than the company’s stuff, you can see professionalism at display in the way they worked.

Origin : Ocala, FL
Destination : Shinnston, WV

No Photo Isabell
August 14, 2014


This is Simply the Best

Even though there are a thousand and one moving companies in Florida, we did not even think of moving with any other moving company having had such a great experience with United Royal Van Lines in our last move. We moved with them and they even did a better job. The improvement in their already perfect service was remarkable and frankly we will never think of moving with any other company as long as they remain in business.

Origin : Largo, FL
Destination : Wabash, IN

No Photo Fitz
August 14, 2014


Your Help Is Well Appreciated

The service you guys rendered was a great help to me. I wondered how the move would have turned out if not for your professionalism, skills and expertise in moving stuff. I want to also thank my friend and colleague who recommended you guys to me. I owe him a lunch for the recommendation. You guys took away stress from the move and made sure that the move was indeed perfect. Thanks once more for the great move and help.

Origin : Anna Maria, FL
Destination : Oak Forest, IL

No Photo Shahn
August 13, 2014


Thanks for the Exceptionally Perfect ...

I thought that it was normal to have some stuff broken, damaged and ruined during a move until I moved with United Royal Van Lines. This move was a clear contrast to the moves I had in the past. Nothing was broken, ruined and damaged and unlike other movers who would lazy around, these movers were energetic and worked to make the move a success. I am pleasantly surprised with this move.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Mount Prospect, IL

No Photo Quintina
August 12, 2014


The Best Movers

The reviews about this moving company were great but they only spoke about home move. This made us think that they would not be able to handle the moving of our office when we needed to make a move. However, since they were the only competent company we found, we ended up going with them and believe me the move was more wonderful than anything I expected. This moving company is just the best.

Origin : Margate, FL
Destination : Prairie Village, KS

No Photo Gina
August 3, 2014


Excellent Response

The entire chain of this company is comprised of professional workers. The manager, customer representatives and workers are professional and courteous. We had a perfect move with the help of these experienced, well trained and well mannered workers and we are really grateful for your help.

Origin : Juno Beach, FL
Destination : Hazelwood, MO

No Photo Jennie
July 18, 2014



I was given a quote of 2600, I gave a very detailed list of what I was packing and stuck with it except to delete a very large Armoire. I was given 1 hours notice for pick up. The move out guys were fabulous, very good and safe with my stuff. Then the nightmare began, they could never tell me where my truck was. I was told 7-10 days for delivery it took 3 1/2 weeks. The move in guys were horrible. Couldn't read a map, were lost and yelling at me. I sent them the address 3 times and maps! They were super rude and threw my stuff around. I watched them drop my boxes, throw, my boxes. I lost all my glass. I mean ALL, my printer was destroyed as well as my crockpot. I haven't even finished un packing yet. They shook me down on the street for more money for the stairs I pre paid. I paid it and just didn't tip. Do not use

Origin : Pompano Beach
Destination : Queens NY

Quoted Price : $2,600.00
Actual Price : $4,266.00

No Photo Steff
July 14, 2014


They are Really Capable

My past move involved moving everything in my large five bedroom house to a bigger house. I had to move with everything in the kitchen, store, pantry, drawing room, living room and others because the house I am relocating to is also very large. I never knew how capable United Royal Van Lines was when I chose them but I was ready to handle the difficult task of managing the guys in my house. But in the end of the day, I never had to stress myself. They did a very nice job and I had a perfect move without any hassle or stress.

Origin : Greenwood, FL
Destination : Jonesboro, AR

No Photo Wendy
July 13, 2014


Thanks for the help

I believe that I cannot truly thank you guys enough for the service you rendered to me. I am so happy that none of my furniture and items was broken and that they were conveyed in a good condition. I now want to thank my friend who recommended you guys to me. I would not have had such a great experience without his recommendation. You guys made every aspect of the move great. I never had to stress myself or be worried about anything during the move.

Origin : LaBelle, FL
Destination : Shinnston, WV

No Photo Gini
July 13, 2014


They are Professional in All Aspects

I am amazed at the professionalism of the movers from United Royal Van Lines. Last year, our company hired a big company to move our stuff but the movers were not very professional when compared to the way the guys from United Royal Van Lines worked in moving our home. The packing, moving and unpacking were very professional.

Origin : Ocala, FL
Destination : Springfield, MO

No Photo Adele
July 12, 2014


The Best Moving Company I Came Across

We had to go back to this moving company having had a great experience with them in the past. Of course, there were many other moving companies in the city but this company is the best we have found around. As we expected, their service has even further enhanced and they rendered an even better service to us this time around. Thanks for the perfect help you rendered to us United Royal Van Lines. We will forever use your moving company for any move we wanted to make.

Origin : Indian Rocks Beach, FL
Destination : Georgetown, KY

No Photo Hayley
July 11, 2014


I will move with no other movers

I got a promotion and needed to move my home. Since my family has lived in the small apartment for a very longtime, they found it difficult moving. I needed to take care of my family at such a critical time but thanks to the moving guys sent out by United Royal Van Lines to help me. The guys were very helpful and ensured that the entire move was free from every iota of stress.

Origin : Griffin, GA
Destination : Naples, FL

No Photo Maddy
July 10, 2014


A Perfect Moving Company

We were to move out of our home for the very first time in many years and thus it was a very difficult move and we were about to leave the happy memories behind. Although it was a difficult move, we were happy for the moving company we hired. United Royal Van Lines was there for us as the movers ensured that everything was made seamless for us. They made the seemingly difficult move easy for us.

Origin : Dade City, FL
Destination : Bentonville, AR

No Photo Chuck
July 6, 2014


A perfect timing

The guys completed the entire task of moving my stuffs to a house from an apartment at a fast pace. Their speed was exceptional and in the end I was glad that I chose your company. They did not complain at all on realizing that I lived on the second floor contrary to what they expected. All they did was to start their job and there was no additional charge on the job.

Origin : Cheraw, SC
Destination : Palm Harbor, Fl

No Photo Chanum
July 6, 2014


Dynamic and Pleasant Movers

Moving is not an easy job; I know it because this was not my first move. But somehow, I never had to say anything to the guys who came from this moving company. They didn’t sit around waiting idly for instructions, instead like busy bees; they just kept on working in the best possible way that they know. So, I’m definitely going to give them my recommendation; two thumbs up!

Origin : Labelle, FL
Destination : Murfreesboro, TN

No Photo Denise
July 5, 2014


Stuck in empty house

Lies lies lies. Still have no furniture delivery plan that I can believe in. First 7/2 nope. Arthur called and told me United Royal dispatch had arranged with my storage provider to be there this am 7/5 between 9-10. Received call from my storage provider at 10AM looking for United Royal as the dispatch office was not responding. Finally, received msg from storage provider that dispatch had called them at 11 (not me) advising they would pick-up on 7/7. A call to them at 9 would have been common courtesy. Arthur pleads ignorance and out of his hands cannot tell me why it changed. He was supposed to call me back. That was an hour ago and if he does what am I supposed to believe at this point. Bottom line Arthur will tell you anything to get his commission. Held hostage in an empty house since Tues.

Origin : Tallahassee, FL
Destination : Atlanta, GA

Quoted Price : $1,462.50

No Photo Grady
July 5, 2014


Highly Recommend

We would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a good and reliable company to move their stuff. They were very professional, friendly and conscious of the time. They made sure that everything was loaded and ready to go in just a couple of hours. They got everything to the new home in record time without anything being broken or damaged at all.

Origin : Venice, FL
Destination : Arab, AL

No Photo Lionel
July 4, 2014


Cheap but Effective Moving Service

I was pleasantly surprised with the way these movers rendered their services. They were very diligent in the service and were so dedicated to ensure that the task was properly completed. They worked very hard with such commitment very hard to be found today. I must say that these movers deserve very good payment. I had to beg them to rest but they wouldn’t until the completed the task. Besides, they were very courteous, well mannered, polite and effective in the services they rendered.

Origin : Anna Maria, FL
Destination : Loganville, GA

No Photo Ann
July 3, 2014


The right thing I needed

Before going for a moving company, I usually check the pricing and reviews of the company. When I checked the reviews of this company, I was glad that I saw a lot of good reviews. I proceeded to check the pricing to see if it was reasonable. I was greatly surprised that it beats my expectations. I am happy for this great service and great pricing.

Origin : Anna Maria, FL
Destination : Maryville, TN

No Photo Carl
July 2, 2014


I am Truly Pleased

To say that I am pleased would be an understatement. You guys have indeed put a smile in my face. You made my move excellent and fast paced. The guys were really friendly and made the move a fun as they shared stories and cracked jokes. Thank you United Royal Van Lines for sending your best movers to help me with my move.

Origin : Venice, FL
Destination : Charleston, SC

No Photo Dayle
July 2, 2014


You are the best, A+++

Thank you United Royal Van Lines for the great move. Your movers had such a great understanding among themselves and their teamwork made my move a successful one. They were also respectful and enjoyed their work. You would not get any other moving company in Florida that would render a service as great as that rendered by United Royal Van Lines.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Tucker, GA

No Photo Alison_Edward
July 1, 2014


It Took Place on Time

I was particularly concerned with time in each of my move. The past moving companies I often hire were lazy. They simply wasted the time and in the end of the day I had to pay more but this time around, it was all different. These efficient movers maximized the time and did everything at record time. I thank you United Royal Van Lines for your great help.

Origin : Melbourne, FL
Destination : Flat Rock, AL

No Photo Rich
July 1, 2014


I Recommend This Service to Everyone

If you are looking for a perfect moving company, United Royal Van Lines is the right one to go for. I must tell you that they are the best all round. Their professional attitude caught my attention and besides they were mindful of time. Within the shortest possible time, these guys were done with the entire work and that greatly amazed me.

Origin : Orlando, FL
Destination : Wake Forest, NC

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