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How to Pack a Glass-Topped Table

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Certain items require extra care and attention during a move. A glass-topped table is not only heavy and cumbersome, but also delicate and fragile. You will need to exercise caution and diligence when wrapping, moving, and loading it onto a moving truck to ensure that it doesn't shatter or sustain any damage, cracks, or scratches. This guide will provide you with all the essential tips to properly protect your table so it arrives at your new home unscathed and intact.

Disassembling the table

To safely transport your table, you will first need to take it apart. Some tables come apart very easily--all you have to do is lift the glass top from the frame. Others require a bit more work:
  • If your glass table top is screwed into the table's legs or base, you will need to take it apart. First, spread a moving blanket out on the floor and turn your table face down so the glass is lying against the blanket and the legs are pointing upwards.
  • Locate where the legs are screwed into the table top and use a screwdriver to remove them.
  • Wrap the legs securely with a moving blanket.
  • Be sure to keep track of all screws--place them in small plastic bag and tape them securely to the wrapped table legs.

Wrapping the table top

Careful and proper wrapping of the glass is imperative to protect it from damaging scratches that will compromise the beauty of your table. Follow these steps to effectively pack your table top.
  • Wrap the entire glass top with packing paper and secure with tape. Make sure the adhesive never comes in direct contact with the glass' surface or it will leave behind unsightly residue. Apply packing tape only to the paper.
  • After wrapping the glass with paper, cover the table top with bubble wrap. The wrap with the larger bubbles will offer even better protection. Avoid wrapping the glass with the bubble wrap directly--packing paper should always be used as a barrier. If pressed right against the surface of the glass, the air pockets can leave behind impressions. Secure the bubble wrap with packing tape.
  • Next, measure the wrapped table top's dimensions. This will help you to determine the size box you will need. You can purchase a specialty box for glass, pictures, and mirrors--called a telescopic box--from most movers or packing supply companies. They are flat, wide containers made especially for transporting these heavy, yet fragile items.
  • If you do not wish to buy a telescopic box, you can craft one yourself. Break down and flatten a cardboard box that is slightly larger than the dimensions of your glass table top. Cut one side of the flattened box with scissors or a knife so that you are left with one long piece of cardboard. Bend the cardboard sheet around your piece of glass so that it wraps and covers it completely. Trim the excess cardboard and tape it securely in place.
  • Label both sides of the box "Fragile" or "Handle With Care" with a black magic marker. If you are using professional movers, let them know that the piece is especially fragile and requires extra caution while handling.

Moving the table top

If you are not enlisting the aid of professional movers, be sure to handle your glass table top with care while carrying it out of your home and loading it onto the truck.
  • Always place the glass table top on its side in the truck. Never lay the glass face down or place anything on top of it. This can cause the glass to shatter.
  • Place heavier items in front of it to hold it in place. Lean the glass against the wall of the truck's interior and support it by placing something sturdy next to it--such as a mattress--to prevent it from sliding, tilting or crashing to the floor. You can also secure it in place with ropes for extra protection.

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