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Packing Crystal Items for Moving

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Elegant crystal vases, glassware, china dishes give your home a classy touch - but what happens when it's time to move them? Often heavy yet extremely fragile and valuable, crystal deserves the utmost care when packing and moving to your new home. However, with the proper packing supplies and techniques, you can rest assured that your beautiful crystal will arrive at your new home without a scratch.

Packing Crystal Items for Moving

Here are some tips on how to pack crystal glasses, vases and wine glasses for moving. Follow these helpful tips to keep your fragile items safe during transit.

Get the necessary packing supplies

For packing crystal, you'll require the following packing supplies:

  • A sturdy box/cell box
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Permanent marker

Prepare the box for packing glasses

Before you pack crystal wine glasses, you need to prepare a box that is strong enough to carry the fragile items. To make your box stronger and prevent its collapse during the move, reinforce the bottom of each box with tape. Then, line the bottom with some crumpled packing paper to cushion your crystal during transit.

The kind of box you use for packing crystal will depend on the item that goes inside it. Once the box is prepared, start packing crystal items using the following steps:

Packing crystal glasses for moving

If you are packing crystal glasses for moving, a cell box works best to protect their fragile stems. The thin cardboard dividers keep the glasses separated and prevent them from banging into one another on the bumpy road to your new home. For added protection, place a ball of packing paper at the bottom of each cell.

If you want to make your own cell box to pack crystal glassware or stemware, watch our video to get more information.

Packing crystal vases, dishes and other items

If you are packing crystal vases and china dishes, use a box just slightly larger than the item itself. If you have smaller crystal items, like ashtrays or candy dishes, you will want to pack more than one in a container - just make sure they are adequately wrapped and padded, and refrain from packing too many in one box.

Remember, crystal can be quite heavy, so it is best to place large and heavier crystal items in the bottom of the box. Having larger crystal items in the bottom prevents the other items from crashing.

Additional tips for packing crystal items

  • Wrap each crystal individually : Yes! To protect your fragile items during the move, you need to wrap each piece of crystal individually with packing paper. Lay each piece (be it a glass, vase, or dish) on its side on the corner of a stack of packing paper. Roll it in two or three sheets of paper, tucking in the excess paper as you roll.
  • Wrap crystal items in protective bubble wrap : After each piece is wrapped in paper, you should wrap it in a piece of bubble wrap for extra protection. Make sure to never pack crystal with bubble wrap directly as the air bubbles can leave behind unsightly impressions on the glass.
  • If you're packing stemware or glass, place them rim-side-down in one of the cells. This position makes them less likely to break during your move.
  • Large items are packed first : When you are packing crystal vases and dishes, place vases or other pieces carefully into boxes, remembering not to pack too many pieces in one large box - just a few pieces in a smaller box works best.
  • Fill empty space : Once the boxes are packed, fill in any empty space with crumpled packing paper. This will keep the contents from jostling during transit and prevent damage. For even more protection, top the packed box with a layer of bubble wrap and/or cardboard.
  • Make sure your crystal items are packed securely : Lift up the box and shake it ever-so-gently. Can you hear or feel anything moving inside? If so, you need more cushioning.
  • Secure the packing boxes : Once your box is tightly packed, tape it shut securely with sturdy packing tape.
  • Label your box "Fragile", "Crystal", and "This Side Up" with an arrow indicating the direction in which the box should be carried and set down. This will prevent your movers from being careless with your delicate crystal or carrying the box upside down.

Are you too nervous to pack crystal items for yourself? Leave it to the pros! Trained professionals will wrap, pack, and load your delicate crystal for your move using high-quality materials and proper packing techniques.

Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on April 9, 2013

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