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How can I move a large TV without the box?

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Asked by Kayla

January 2, 2021 under Others

Let’s learn how to move a large television set if you don’t have its original box.

Answered by Staff Writer

January 20, 2022

large tv without boxThe simplest way to move your large tv is by packing it in its original box, but not many of us must have kept it. You may have a second-hand tv, which didn't come in a box, or you might have thrown away the box to clear up your storage space. Don't worry as we will recommend to you some good techniques through which you can move your large television set, without the box in good condition.

Packing supplies needed to create your box

  • Moving blanket
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Big cardboard box
  • Moving straps

How to move a large tv set without the box?

Here we have listed 8 steps that you need to follow and safely pack your tv for a hassle-free move:

  1. Dismount the tv and take off the stand- It's a good idea to detach any fragile plastic parts before you begin packing your tv. You can easily unscrew the bottom of the tv, set it aside and consider wrapping it up, otherwise, it can get lost.
  2. Clean the tv screen- You need to remove any dust particles or waste and make sure your large tv doesn't get any scratches during the move.
  3. Mark and detach all cables- If you label all cables while taking them out, you will not face problems at the time resetting your system at your new home. We recommend you take pictures of the backside of the tv so that you can easily identify the ports which were empty, and which had cables plugged into them.
  4. Pack your tv loosely with packing tape- While wrapping your tv with packing tapes, ensure not to use the sticky side of the tape on the tv, otherwise it can leave marks.
  5. Use bubble wrap to wrap the tv- Make sure to paste the bubble wrap properly to the packing tape as this will prevent the tv from slipping off.
  6. Cover the tv with a moving blanket- You may require two moving blankets, based on the large size of your tv. After you finish wrapping the tv with a moving blanket, consider securing the blanket with packing tape. You need to ensure that the front side of the tv is fully protected as it would be most susceptible to damages.
  7. Make the box ready- First, you should try finding a box that is nearly the same dimension as that of your tv. If you don't get it then consider buying one or two cardboard boxes, which you can cut and create your tv box. Don't forget to stick all sides of the box with packing tapes and make sure that it retains its integrity.
  8. Put the tv inside the box and pad it- While you place the tv in the box you have created, ensure there is no scope for a jerk. You can insert more bubble wraps to fill the space if required and reduce the chances of it getting damaged during the move. Make sure to put the tv stand inside the box, so that it doesn’t get lost.

A few professional tips

  • Pack your remote control along with your tv, otherwise, it might get lost and you will have a tough time finding it.
  • You can use a permanent marker to label the front, top, or the screen of your tv so that you know which side you should align it with while packing it in the box you have made.
  • If you need to make an international move or store your tv for a long duration, you should consider the humidity factor for storing electronics.


There is no need to worry if you don't have the original box of the tv because you can always prepare your box and keep your large tv secured.

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