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How do you use stretch wraps to move?

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December 20, 2020 under Others

Here we will learn about the correct use of stretch wraps, and escape damage during transportation.

Answered by Staff Writer

December 17, 2021

wrapping furniture with plastic wrapStretch wrap is a necessity in the kitchen. But do you know it can be your best friend while you pack up your house for a move? Make sure you don't forget to buy stretch wrap when purchasing packing materials for your move.

Shrink wrap resolves several moving-related issues, starting from furniture protection to taking care of loose doors and wires. You can give the best protection to your furniture, as plastic wrap will not leave behind any marks on your furniture like tape.

Top 5 Features of Stretch wrap for moving

  • Plastic wraps will protect your furniture or other items from any kind of damage during transportation, like scuffs and scratches. Also, it will prevent dust from accumulating on your furniture.
  • It will shrink big items like furniture or even rugs as you want to create space on the cargo van for other items.
  • Plastic stretch wrap is tear-resistant and can accommodate a high number of items during the entire move.
  • You can give an extra layer of protection to your chairs, couches, artwork, or other cushioned items by using stretch wraps.
  • Through plastic wrap, you can keep parts of the furniture like a table or bed intact that you might have disassembled for the move.
  • Shrink wrap can be recycled, so you can categorize it as an eco-friendly packing resource.

How do you prepare to stretch wrap your furniture for a move?

Let’s now explore the steps that will make you all set and help you wrap your furniture with stretch wraps.

  • Ensure cleaning and dissembling your items properly before wrapping them up in plastic wrap.
  • If the furniture has drawers, ensure to empty them as this might make your lifting less arduous.
  • You don't have to arrange for plastic tapes as plastic wraps are adhesive in themselves.
  • Consider using a furniture pad or any ordinary blanket as you might not want to cause any damage to your furniture.

TIP: If you have fabric furniture, we recommend you not to use the green stretch wrap, as this can discolor your furniture.

How to choose movers plastic stretch plastic wrap?

While selecting stretch wraps to prepare your furniture for the move, you need to keep the following conditions in mind.

  • 80 gauges or 65 gauges- If you have bigger items, consider using 80 gauges, or else you can use 65 gauges. If you need high protection for your items, make sure to use maximum gauges.
  • Pre-Stretched or Blown- A pre-stretched wrap is the latest edition, and it is lighter than the normal plastic wraps. If you have a few big items, a normal blow wrap will serve the purpose.

How do you use Stretch Wrap for Furniture?

You may take the following steps to plastic wrap your furniture.

  • Place your furniture on the moving blanket and then consider wrapping it with a shrink wrap.
  • It's a good idea to work in a team of two people. One person may hold the furniture, while the other will stretch wrap the furniture.
  • You need to start wrapping your furniture from the bottom and blow the plastic stretch wrap horizontally on each side.
  • Make sure to move in reverse circles all over the furniture and cover it tightly.
  • Consider binding the film on all sides of the hook on the furniture. For example, a sofa or a table leg.
  • If you use layers of stretch wrap, it will provide you with a high level of protection. As you insert each layer of stretch wrap, you will be able to identify how stable your furniture is and insert more layers accordingly.
  • In the case of fragile items, cover the plastic stretch wrap both vertically and horizontally.

If you are wondering where to purchase shrink wrap, consider buying it online. This will make your journey smoother, as you don’t have to go hunting for it along with other packing supplies.


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