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I need to move everything out of my single mobile home to a storage unit. Who do you recommend and what is the approximate cost?

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Asked by Sonja

September 21, 2015 under Others

How much will it cost for movers to load up everything out of a single wide Mobile Home and move it to a storage or their storage place within the county or city of Bishopville, SC with & without labor charges, and whom should I contact? Thank you.

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

September 21, 2015
Good afternoon and thanks for visiting Movers.com for help with your question about moving items from a mobile home in South Carolina.

Unfortunately, we at Movers.com are not a moving company, out job here is to connect you with moving companies in South Carolina that can help you with your mobile home. Because we're not a moving company, we can't provide you with an estimate of the cost.

Local Movers
To move the items from your mobile home and into a storage unit, a local mover should be able to do that for you. Visit our local movers page and fill out the quick and easy quote form to be connected with moving companies in South Carolina that can help you.

We always recommend that you gather estimates from at least three different companies to ensure you choose the company that best suits your needs. Before you choose a moving company be sure to check out our customer reviews page to see what previous customers have said about moving companies in South Carolina.

Thanks again for visiting Movers.com, and best of luck with your move!
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