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Mov through window?

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Asked by Tammi

September 29, 2013 under Others

I have a huge 500 lb armoire that wont fit through tthe narrow hallway to my bedroom. It is possible to move through window?

Answered by Nicole La Capria

September 30, 2013

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If you have a bulky piece of furniture that you cannot fit through a doorway or narrow hall, you can enlist what is known as "hoisting services". Many full-service moving companies and moving labor offer this service to aid you in getting your large pieces of furniture into your home.

What Are Hoisting Services?

A crew of professionals will hoist your armoire through your window, wrapped securely with heavy-duty straps. These skillfully trained movers will take care to ensure safety and prevent damage to your furniture and home. Charges for hoisting items are usually determined by weight, height of the hoisting, and accessibility.

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Depending on if you require the services of full-service movers or simply moving laborers to solely relocate your armoire, you can begin searching for quotes today at! Simply fill out our fast and easy quote form to receive up to seven free quotes from moving services near you--be sure to ask any potential company if they offer hoisting services and the cost.

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