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Should you pack yourself or hire packers?

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September 16, 2013 under Moving Labor

Answered by Nicole La Capria

September 17, 2013

If you are contemplating hiring professional packers for your move, there are several important factors to consider. If you have a large home with many difficult items to pack, enlisting the aid of professional packers is probably a good investment. However, if you have a small one-bedroom apaertment and a tight moving budget, you may prefer to pack your own belongings.

Why Hire Professionals?

  • It's quick.
    If you have a large home with many rooms of belongings to box up, a high volume of furniture to disassemble and wrap, and limited time to accomplish it all, professional packers could be a life saver. What may take you weeks or even months to complete, several packers can finish in just a few hours to a day.
  • Your items will be packed properly.
    There are certain procedures and methods employed to efficiently and effectively pack your possessions. Packers are trained and skilled professionals that know the proper way to wrap everything to prevent damage. If you have a significant amount of valuable, fragile, or oddly-shaped belongings, hiring professional packers will ensure that they are packed correctly with the most appropriate materials.
  • Furniture disassembly can be difficult.
    Some pieces of furniture may require disassembly to fit onto the moving truck. Additionally, there are proper ways to wrap your furniture with moving pads and blankets to protect the wood from damaging scratches and the fabric from dirt and unsightly stains. Attempting to handle these tasks on your own can result in costly damage to your furniture.
  • Movers are not liable for boxes that they didn't pack.
    Movers are only liable for boxes they pack themselves, with the exception of negligence on their part. If you pay the movers to pack your belongings, they will be liable for anything that breaks during transit.
    (Note: This doesn't apply if you hire a separate packing service from your moving company).

Why Pack Yourself?

  • Lower costs.
    The biggest advantage to forgoing packing services and handling it on your own is the decreased expenses. Moving already costs a significant amount, and you may be on a budget after purchasing a home or putting a deposit down on a new apartment.
  • You have more control.
    If you have issues with strangers handling your belongings, or you are adamant about things being done a certain way, leaving all of your packing up to the workers may make you uneasy. Some people have very authoritative tendencies and prefer to control the situation--especially when it comes to their personal possessions. I
  • You are less susceptible to theft.
    While any packing service you hire should be extensively researched by reading reviews, checking references, and verifying credentials, there is always the chance a dishonest worker will pocket your belongings. If you pack your own things  you are less likely to be a victim of theft. Most thieves won't bother to go through the trouble of prying open a securely taped cardboard box to pilfer your items.

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