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Weight or volume

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Asked by Daniel

October 7, 2014 under International Moving

Were moving from Honolulu, Hi to Ft Lauderdale, Fl. We received multiple quotes. Two were by weight and one by volume. Its a two bedroom apt. We trust none of them. Is there a independed web place where we can get the real scoope on mover or shippers? Thanks

Answered by Mike Sannitti

October 7, 2014

Thank you for visiting Movers.com. Let me help you with your question about how movers should determine their quotes and where to find real information on them.

Movers.com is your independent web place for getting the real scoop on movers and shippers. We have a variety of resources that help you get multiple quotes and compare multiple moving companies.

Screen the moving companies

You already got three quotes, which is a good start. The more quotes you get from different moving companies, the clearer it gets what a fair price for your move is. You can get quotes or compare movers by filling out our online form.

If you want more information on the moving companies you may hire, visit our user review section. Here, you can see the unfiltered opinion of many moving companies from customers just like you. Companies that were reviewed many times have an aggregate score attached to their profile.

Get an in-home estimate

To truly get a good idea of the price, you need an in-home estimate. Online quotes are meant to be approximate and some companies will estimate on the lower end to be more enticing. Only a firsthand examination of your shipment will yield an accurate quote. If you have the patience, you can get multiple in-home estimates to compare the more accurate prices.

Measuring the weight or the volume

Most reputable moving companies use weight. This does not mean that the company that chose to measure by volume is automatically fraudulent though, since your move is almost like an international move

In your case, since your move will involve using a plane or boat to carry your shipment from Honolulu to Florida, volume is more plausible than normal since shipping containers come in specific sizes. If you are shipping by air, weight is more important, although volume is considred. Shipping by sea is usually measured in just volume, however.

If you read our reviews, compare multiple quotes, get in-home estimates, and generally read up on the specific moving companies you're comparing, you should be able to choose one that you can trust.

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