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Where can I check for registration and credentials of a moving company?

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Asked by Wes

November 21, 2012 under Others

My girlfriend and I are moving next month. I need to hire a moving company as we need to fly and cannot move the house ourselves. We are a worried about hiring a mover, especially with so many bad experiences people have posted online. I have no other option than to hire a mover. Is there a way I could find the right moving company and what do I need to know about that moving company before I hire them for my move?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

November 28, 2012

It is not easy to leave all your belongings in the hands of a moving company unless you trust them. It is always a good idea to do a thorough background check of the moving companies that you get your estimates from, before hiring them.

As part of the background check, gather information about their licensure, insurance and registration. Search for vital information about the moving companies like their US DOT Number at, their registration and licensure at FMCSA, and their ICC MC Number (replaced by US DOT number after 1995) where required. Check if there are any customer complaints about their services at BBB and other complaint registries.

Once you are satisfied with all the information and see that the moving company is complying with the strict standards, you should feel free to hire your mover. has been providing its customers with competitive moving quotes all over the United States from the most reputed and reliable moving companies. Compare and save!

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Hope this helps.

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