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What do movers use to move boxes?

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Asked by Keith

January 6, 2021 under Others

Let’s explore the equipment used by professional movers to move boxes with great ease.

Answered by Staff Writer

January 24, 2022

professional moving equipmentMoving boxes can be an overwhelming task because of the numerous tasks you might need to perform. Yet, you can use special equipment which you may either rent from a moving service provider or a hardware store. By doing so, you can relieve yourself from both physical and mental stress.

If you hire professional movers, some of the tools they use plays a vital role in making your move successful. The available tools will assist you with everything ranging from efficiently moving heavy furniture and appropriately sealing crates or moving boxes.

What do movers use to move boxes?

Let's begin our expedition the movers can use to move large furniture, boxes, and other bulky items.

  • Dolly Carts- You can call it a hand truck or a hand cart and use it to efficiently move multiple moving boxes at one time, irrespective of their weight. Consider loading the heaviest box first into the dolly cart and gradually putting the lighter boxes as the stack moves higher. In the next step, you can either turn it back, pull or push it towards the moving truck or your new destination. This will save your legs or back from injuries and help you in making a move go smoothly. A dolly cart is available in various materials, you can choose the style and size which best suits your requirement.
  • Ramps- If you have mobile haulers, you should consider getting a ramp for the pavements and doorsills. With this, you can completely push, drag, or pull the cart across the doorways without applying any additional pressure in lifting it up or mistakenly rolling it over. By doing so you can overcome small deficiencies on the sidewalks or driveways.
  • Forearm forklift- With the use of forearm forklift, you can move heavy boxes or any other heavy items by reducing the weight by 66%. Simply, you need to place these straps under the heavy boxes and move them efficiently. If you must move boxes up to 800 pounds, you might not require any other big tools to complete your move.

How to secure your moving boxes?

While you pack your moving boxes, you may want to ensure that they are fixed tightly. Otherwise, things would pop our spill during the move. Sometimes, just shutting the flap of the boxes will not work, instead, you will need moving tools to secure the boxes tightly.


A tape can be the easiest thing that you can use to keep the boxes secured during a move. Here we have a list of a few types of tape that the movers will use to secure your boxes.

  • Packing tape- Packing tapes are very sticky and long-lasting, which is trusted by most companies while they move your boxes. These are available in a standard size, such that they can fit a tape machine, allowing you to quickly seal a box and move to the next one.
  • Duct tape- A duct tape will give you the best adhesion that will help you to perfectly seal the boxes. Make sure not to apply it on surfaces as it is difficult to remove. Also, you will get it in distinct colors which will help you decide where each would go during a move.
  • Scotch tape- Also, known as the low tack tape, a scotch tap can be used to pack small containers. If you use packing tapes for small containers, it will leave a permanent mark and damage your item.

Bungee Cords

  • It is the best tool to secure moving boxes into a moving truck, car, or even a van.
  • A bungee cord is available in diverse sizes, and it is simple to get the right size for your vehicle.
  • It provides a quick and stretchable solution for tying the boxes towards the edge or the side of a vehicle.
  • You can even fasten a few of them together and increase the length of the cord.

Cargo Straps

  • A cargo strap is available in customizable length and offers more flexibility than bungee cords.
  • Though cargo straps are costly than bungee cords, if you use the former, you will not need it in high quantity.


We recommend you hire movers, who can make the right use of moving equipment and move boxes without putting in much effort. With the use of proper tools, you can avoid accidental injuries that can be caused to your back and legs.

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