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What is the cancellation policy of truck rentals?

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Asked by Gloria

December 22, 2019 under Moving Truck Rental

I want to cancel my existing reservation. Can I cancel my rental truck online?

Answered by Staff Writer

March 23, 2020

If you don't need the truck you have reserved, you should inform your truck rental company the day prior to your move otherwise, they will charge reservation cancellation fees. However, the cancellation policies vary depending on the truck rentals and the type of reservation you've made.

Following are the cancellation policies of truck rental companies.

  • U-HAUL will take a $50 reservation cancellation fee to cancel your reservation. You can simply contact U-Haul representative to cancel your reservation or you can simply do it online at https://www.uhaul.com/orders/
  • Penske allows you to cancel your reservation up to 48 hours prior to your move for no additional charge. But if you cancel your reservation within 48 hours, you will incur a $100 cancellation fee.
  • Budget truck rental allows you to cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the pickup without any charges. However, you will be charged with a $50 procession fee for canceling within 48 hours of pickup and $150 after the rental pick-up time has passed. Check out https://www.budgettruck.com/reservations to cancel your existing reservation online.
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