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A-1 Movers-TN
4806 Lindell St
NashvilleTN 37216 USA

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Phone: 615-262-4455
Fax: 615-262-4433

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No Photo Josh
August 21, 2020


DO NOT use A-1 Movers. We scheduled a move using their services for the end of July 2020. The day before the move we called them to confirm that everything was still scheduled and the time of day the movers would show up. On the day of the move, THEY NEVER SHOWED UP. We called their office 20+ times that day and no one answered! No one responded to our voicemails or emails. They totally ditched us! It's been almost a month since this happened with A-1 Movers, AND STILL NO RESPONSE TO VOICEMAILS OR EMAILS! Not even an apology or explanation of what happened that day. These people are completely unprofessional and I highly recommend not using them to take care of your belongings. I'm still completely shocked that these people have a business!

Origin : Brentwood, TN
Destination : Nolensville, TN

No Photo Jon
August 6, 2020


Please beware and stay clear of these guys. Seriously DONT DO IT. There are a variety of issues and things that went wrong here and not to bore Ill keep this high level. The company is run by a family...the main 2 players are a guy named Darren and woman named Chelsea. At the end of the day they over charged my credit card $250 and called it a tip they deserved. To clarify I was told she was charging "X" to my card over the phone and they charges X + $250 without ever saying a thing. THEFT and FRAUD!! When quoting the initial quote came in at $2500 and ended up being over $1000 more due to their internal issues and systems. The movers didn't pack the truck well and filled the van forcing me to leave items behind. When confronted I got a shoulder shrug and they got in the truck. At delivery the driver was late again and there were damaged boxes as well as furniture. I called both Chelsea and Darren to only be told this doesnt happen and catch an attitude. To date both people screen calls will not answer emails and keep the money. I hope this helps find a better option!

Origin : Nashville, tn
Destination : PCB, FL

Quoted Price : $2,200.00
Actual Price : $3,500.00

No Photo Tammie
December 6, 2016

A-1 Movers Broke My $5,000 Bed

We hired A-1 Movers to move our furniture from our apartment and into a storage facility on the evening of 11/29/16 for $85 an hour for a total of 3.5 hours. The rate was reduced from $150 because we are repeat customers that hired A-1 Movers two previous times. During those previous encounters, they did a great job and there were no issues and we gave them great reviews and made them our mover of choice. Two different men were sent to handle our job this time and the footboard of our King Sized bed, which cost $5,000, was dropped and the footboard split at the pole (I have the receipt and pictures of the bed). My husband immediately took pictures of the broken footboard and I immediately called the owner, Mike, who assured me that he would fix it or replace it. Becuase I had dealt with Mike on prior occassions, I completely trusted that he would honor his guarantee. We trusted him so much that we had the guys to come back again on 11/30 to complete the rest of our move at $85 for another 3 hours. On 11/30, there was no incident. It has now been a week, and Mike has made repeated promises that someone will call me, pick up the footboard and have it fixed and that if it cannot be fixed, it will be replaced. I called Mike the following times and spoke to him directly and was promised resolution and got none: 12/1 at 4pm, 12/2 at 1:42pm, 12/3 at 5:36pm, 12/6 at 1:43pm. During this last call on 12/6, Mike told me that one of his guys were going to call me before coming by to pick up the footboard to have it repaired. I went home and waited to hear from them. At 9:11pm on 12/6, after not hearing from Mike or his guys, I called Mike and received his voicemail. I left messages stating how disappointed I was because I have been a loyal customer, using his services for a total of 4 times, and that I trusted him to do the right thing for my family and I. I expressed how it was a sacrifice for my husband and I to save the money to afford the bed that I wanted and now that it has been broken by his company, he is not fulfilling his promise. After waiting a week for resolution, making several phone calls, receiving promises that are not kept, I no longer have faith that Mike will honor the warranty. I cannot afford to purchase another bed because this bed is only three years old and my husband and I do not have a bed to sleep on. My concerns have heightened after reading online reviews on Thumbtack and BBB that customers have had similar complaints without resolution. It is extremely disheartening to be loyal to a company, to give them my repeat business, to pay as agreed with my hard earned money, to tip the guys for their services as a token of gratitude for their hard work, and to give a company your trust, and the company does not honor their guarantee. Words cannot convey how disappointed I am with Mike at A-1 Movers. I never would have thought this would have happened based off my past experiences with this company.

Origin : Franklin, TN
Destination : Franklin, TN

Quoted Price : $85.00
Actual Price : $85.00

No Photo Elizabeth
October 27, 2016

They were on time and very efficient.

They were on time and very efficient. Very hard working.

Origin : Hendersonville, TN
Destination : Hendersonville, TN

No Photo Tiffani
August 1, 2016

They move my furniture quickly and ...

The people were very nice. they moved my furniture very quickly and very carefully and everything got here perfectly.

Origin : Greenbrier, TN
Destination : Clarksville, TN

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