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4.3(11) Reviews
Accuracy of Estimate 4.3
Moving Services 4.4
Packing Services 4.2
Professionalism 4.3

91% Recommended based on user reviews

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Membership(s) & License Info.

Member of BBB: Yes
License Info: US DOT # 581878
ICC MC # 253484
PUCT - 189125
Insurance: On file: $1,000,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 4/1/1991

Hours of Operation


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Benhur Moving and Storage Location


Benhur Moving and Storage
8929 Oso Ave
ChatsworthCA 91311 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 888-909-5151
Phone: 818-765-8000
Fax: 818-765-5494

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No Photo Sam
April 23, 2019


Very happy with my move!

I hired Ben Hur to move my things from Los Angeles to Texas. From my very first interaction with a member of Ben Hur's office staff, I knew they were very professional and really cared about doing a good job. They were very upfront with me, telling me that they do not want to hide costs from their customers -- and there were no hidden costs! After everything was said and done, I ended up paying basically the exact same price that they had originally quoted me. The actual moving service itself was also done very well. The movers arrived exactly on time, and they had everything loaded up into the truck much faster than I thought it would take. They did it quickly, but they definitely did not cut any corners on the quality of their protection. Because my destination was thousands of miles away, I expected at least some minor damages. However we are now fully unpacked, and there is absolutely no damages! I am blown away! I really feel as if Ben Hur has given me extreme care, and I am very happy I chose them to be my movers.

Origin : Los Angeles
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $2,900.00
Actual Price : $2,900.00

No Photo Doris
March 7, 2019


Great movers,very satisfied

I had Ben Hur do a move for me with in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. They were able to move my two bedroom into my new place,and they did it very quickly. From start to finish,all of the movers were one hundred percent dedicated to completing the move in a very timely fashion. Also,it was very clear that the movers knew how to protect and move the furniture in a way that was fast,but safe. I felt that I was in good hands the entire move. I will definitely be using Ben Hur the next time I need movers.

Origin : Los Angeles
Destination : Los Angeles

Quoted Price : $1,350.00
Actual Price : $1,350.00

No Photo Cindy
February 8, 2019


Very good moving experience!

I am very impressed with Ben Hur Moving. I did a lot of research, and got quite a few quotes from different comanies. Ben Hur estimator, Eden, came over. He is a very kind young man who clearly knows a lot about household moving. From the pick up to delivery in NY, everyone did a great job, seamless. I was expecting some mishaps but there were none! I also heard horrible stories about price hikes, I paid exactly what was quoted!!! I feel it was a very reasonable quote too! Love that it is family owned business and it is definitely felt, form the office to the movers. So happy I choose well, will recommend to all my friends.

Origin : California
Destination : New York

Quoted Price : $4,500.00
Actual Price : $4,500.00

No Photo Robert
June 19, 2015


Everything was fine.

They were on time, so that was about it. I've never had experience with a moving company, so they were fine.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Canoga Park, CA

No Photo Gaurav
February 24, 2015


Delivered my items early!

Delivery was on time, they said it would take at least one month to deliver, but they delivered before time. Almost all the products were good enough. I did not have insurance but still the TV and other things worked properly.

Origin : Burbank, CA
Destination : Ballston Center, NY

No Photo Adi
July 2, 2014


I would definitely recommend them

They were good. They were courteous and prompt. Everything was excellent.

Origin : Glendale, CA
Destination : Glendale, CA

No Photo Anonymous
April 3, 2014


Horrible experience

They were really lousy. We had a horrible experience. They were rude, they broke some stuff, they refused to pay for it. They said they would come and reassemble things, they didn't. We said we would pay for the move when they finished assembling everything. They kept our television sets and said they wouldn't bring them back until we paid them. I would not recommend them. I would not use them again. I would not ever do anything with them again.

Origin : Beverly Hills, CA
Destination : Beverly Hills, CA

No Photo Rattana
January 8, 2014


Amazing experience

They were great, they came when they said they were supposed to and the movers were really nice. The only thing is that they took a little longer than expected. They said they would deliver in 7 days and it took them 14, but they stayed in communication with us so we knew when they were coming. Other than that, they were great. Nothing was broken -- I mean, we had one broken coat rack but that wasn't a big deal, it wasn't expensive. The crew was fantastic and professional and their pricing was very competitive, they were one of the cheapest that we found and they didn't go over their estimate -- it was right on point and there weren't any hidden fees. They were very communicative and I would recommend them to friends and family. If there was anything I could change though, I'd tell them to be a little more on-time with their delivery.

Origin : Marina Del Rey, CA
Destination : Indianapolis, IN

No Photo Vasu
November 25, 2013


Fairly priced good service

Everything is good but some items were damaged. A sofa, computer table and fan were damaged, otherwise everything else is fine. The pricing is okay, reasonable for me, and actually some other moving companies quoted $800 but they were taking some time. First of all, they said we are giving you the items on Saturday, but again they changed it to Monday, so that is the only thing that was bad. Everything else is fine, moving and price. We will recommend them. Actually, they said to send the paperwork - some photos and everything - so that they will give us the amount for the damaged items, but we didn't receive anything. That's still in the process.

Origin : Torrance, CA
Destination : Sunnyvale, CA

No Photo Iris
February 18, 2013


Flawless service

It was very good. They were fast. Just like they said, everything was on time. They packed and unpacked. They wrapped all the furniture. They even helped me. I wasn't ready. I had to put a lot of things away and they helped me in putting things on the wardrobe and the things like that. I am pregnant. The prices were very reasonable. I had another company which I didn't hire. I understand that they had to tell me over the phone that they don't use people from outside. This company they called me and said its not like we hire people from the street. I don't even to know about background checks or how much they are paid. The lady actually called me to give such information. That was really good. Going through the details and everything, their customer service would call me back just to double check again and for information. Everytime I contacted them it was good.

Origin : Culver City, CA
Destination : Holly Park, CA

No Photo Gerry
December 21, 2012


Five-star service all the way, this is ...

The experience was wonderful. They was kid named Hulio, he was good as beach master on D-Day. They packed everything, they arrived on time, didn't dawdle, didn't complain, they were very efficient and nothing broke. The price was copacetically co-incidental. The staff and crew members were terrific, they worked like very diligently and very efficiently. They packed everything, they packed all the glass, all the cheerios, top notch job. I can recommend them any higher, especially the ram rod, the crew chief Hulio. I would basically tell them they have really top-notch, efficient, enthusiastic and professional team that they offer. I would rate 5 across all the board, I was very pleased. Like I said they came on time, They had enough blankets, packing material, pads, . evertything done very well. I had moved number of times, this is the best move I never had.

Origin : Marina Del Rey, CA
Destination : Encino, CA

Ben Hur Moving and Storage offers a variety of exciting moving and storage services options that meet any budget and give you full value for your money. At Ben Hur Moving & Storage, you choose between full moving services & select an hourly rate or a guaranteed flat price. Or you may choose our new Self-Move service where you load - we drive - you unload.

For your storage needs - we offer warehouse storage; Self-Storage & Mobile Self Storage.

Full Moving Services:

Ben Hur Moving and Storage offers complete moving services for both residential and commercial customers. You may choose any of the following services: buy packing materials, packing service, load - drive – unload, unpacking and other moving related services.

Self service Move:

Benhur offers new Self-Move Service. This service is available for the tri-state area. We provide you with a truck/container & a driver; you load the truck/container, we drive the truck/container to your new location. You unload the truck/container.

Storage Services:

You may choose between 3 types of storage services: Self Storage - You room, your lock, your key, free pick-up service.

Warehouse storage - We will pick up and store your goods. When you are ready to receive it, we will deliver it.

Mobile Self Storage - We bring the storage unit to you. You load & lock it. We pick-up & store it. When you need it, we will deliver it. You unload it.

Self Storage:

Our Self Storage provides our customers with the safety and intimacy they expect, while enjoying our full moving and storage services and low rates.

Self Storage Service well suits customers who may need frequent access to their storage room or those who want to be in full control over their storage room. Ben Hur Storage rates are highly competitive.

Warehouse Storage:

Ben Hur Warehouse Storage System combines the advantages and safety of mini-storage, with the full service and low rates of warehouse-storage.

Warehouse storage is well suited for customers who want door-to-door moving service. Customers who choose warehouse storage will find their goods safe and secure, without the need to come and personally sign for a room and supervise the storage process. Our movers take care of that part. Customers involvement in the moving and storing process is limited to moving out of their old location and moving into their new location when its ready.

Mobile self storage:

Ben Hur Storage brings the room to you. We have the self storage unit come to you. Save time and money by using our Mobile self storage facility. Have full control of your stored items without visiting the facility. No need to rent and drive a truck or to hire a moving company. You won’t have to pay parking tickets while loading.

Packing Materials – Benhur provides free-delivery of packing materials.

Entity Type: Carrier
Operating Status: Authorized For Property
Out of Service Date: None
DUNS Number: -
Power Units: 21
Drivers: 16
MCS-150 Form Date: 11/1/2012
MCS-150 Mileage (Year): 63,000 (2011)
Operation Classification: Auth. For Hire
Carrier Operation: Interstate
Cargo Carried: Household Goods

Business Address:
327 Walnut Avenue Bronx, NY, 10454
Phone: 212-595-3000
Fax: 718-401-8009

Mailing Address:
327 Walnut Avenue Bronx, NY, 10454

Last Updated Date: November 29, 2013

Property Passenger Household Goods Private Enterprise


Type Common Contract Broker
Status Active None None
App Pending No No No


Type BIPD Cargo Bond
Required $750,000 Yes Yes
On File $1,000,000 Yes No

Authority History

Auth TypeMotor Property Common Carrier
Original ActionReinstated
Original Action Dt.09/07/2007
Disposition Dt.


Auth TypeCommon
1st Served Date06/25/2007
Effective Date07/30/2007
ReasonInvoluntary Revocation

Active/Pending Insurance

Insurance CarrierAmerican Guarantee & Liability Ins. Co.
Posted Date07/20/2011
Converage From and To$0 - $5,000*
Effective Date07/20/2011
Cancellation Date

Insurance History

Insurance CarrierLiberty Mutual Insurance Co.
Converage From and To$0 - $1,000,000
Effective Dt. From and To 01/06/2004 - 04/05/2004 Cancelled

Insurance Address

CarrierAmerican Automobile Insurance Company
AuthCarolyn Nichols


Inspection Type Vehicle Driver Hazmat IEP
Inspections 11 19 0 0
Out of Service 1 2 0 0
Out of Service % 9.1 10.5 0 0
Nat'l Average %
(2009- 2010)
20.72 5.51 4.5 N/A


Type Fatal Injury Tow Total
Crashes 0 0 1 1

Review Information

Rating Date Rating Review Date Type
2/29/2012 Satisfactory 10/20/2009 Non-Ratable

Unsafe Driving


Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) : 63000
VMT Year : 2011
VMT Source : Registration (MCS-150)
Average Power Units (APU) x Utilization Factor (UF) : 21
Total Inspections with Unsafe Driving Violations : 0
Total Unsafe Driving Violations : 0

Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance

0.5< 3 insp. w/viol.65%

Relevant Inspections : 18
Total Inspections with Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance Violations : 2
Total Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance Violations : 2

Driver Fitness

0.05< 5 insp. w/viol.80%

Relevant Inspections : 18
Total Inspections with Driver Fitness Violations : 1
Total Driver Fitness Violations : 1


Controlled Substances and Alcohol

0.5No viol. within 1 yr80%

Relevant Inspections : 18
Total Inspections with Controlled Substances and Alcohol Violations : 1
Total Controlled Substances and Alcohol Violations : 1

Vehicle Maintenance

5No viol. within 1 yr80%

Relevant Inspections : 10
Total Inspections with Vehicle Maintenance Violations : 5
Total Vehicle Maintenance Violations : 15

Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance

-Not Public80%

Relevant Inspections : 0
Total Inspections with Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance Violations : 0
Total Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance Violations : 0

Crash Indicator


Average Power units : 21
Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) : 63000
VMT Year : 2011
VMT Source : Registration (MCS-150)
Average Power Units (APU) x Utilization Factor (UF) : 21
Number of Crashes : 0
Number Tow-aways : 0
Number with Injuries or Fatalities : 0
Number with HM Release : 0

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