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Moving long distance can be extremely expensive, but the good news is that if you have enough time to plan for your move beforehand, you can come up with a moving budget that works for you and you can prepare yourself for all of the costs associated with a long distance move well before the time comes.

New York is roughly 800 miles from Chicago, so you have the option to either make the move by car or moving truck, or you can choose to fly. Each of these options has their own individual costs attached to them, costs that are separate from the typical moving costs that you can expect to pay for all of your moving-related expenses. Each of these options also has their own advantages and disadvantages, and deciding which one is best for you and your moving budget is a choice that you'll have to make during the planning stage of your move.

In this guide, we'll break down the trip from New York to Chicago, both by car and by plane, and discuss the costs involved with each method of travel. We'll also look at what you can expect to pay for moving services between the two cities, so you can be armed with the most information possible in order to craft your own moving budget and plan for your move.

Cost of the Move

Your travel expenses are only a fraction of what the total cost of your move will be, unfortunately. Your actual moving costs will depend on several factors of course, like how big your move is going to be (ie. The size of your shipment and the home you're moving out of), what kind of moving services you will opt for, and what kind of packing materials you'll need. Here is a chart detailing what you can expect to pay for your move between New York and Chicago, depending on how big your move is and what kind of moving services you opt to use:

Full Service Move

A full service moving company is going to be the most expensive option for you when you consider your choices for moving. Because a full service mover will handle every part of the move from packing and loading to shipping and unpacking, they tend to charge the most money for their service, and the price can add up very quickly, depending on how far the move is.

Load weight and the distance between the old and new location are the two major factors which determine the cost of a long-distance move. During the move, the movers weigh your items on a scale. Before loading the truck, the empty truck is weighed. Then, after loading, they weigh it again and give you the final invoice.

Truck Rental Move

While you will certainly save a good deal of money on your move if you choose to do it yourself, the costs will still add up rather quickly and you'd be surprised at how much money you'll be paying for things like renting a truck, buying packing supplies, and paying for gas. It's important to not forget about these little costs that often arise during a move. As always though, the cost of your move is going to depend on how far exactly you are moving.

Packing Costs

When you're figuring out the cost of your move, packing and packing materials factor into the final total, but it's often an expense that people forget about when anticipating their moving costs. Packing materials can add up very quickly, and packing can be an expensive task to undertake if you are going to be doing it by yourself. Of course, if you hire a professional packing service, you will also be expected to pay a considerable amount of money, however you will be able to rest assured knowing that they have used only the best, high-quality packing materials, and have packed all of your belongings safely and securely, with expert precision.

If You're Driving

By car, Chicago is exactly 790 miles from New York City. The route is a fairly straightforward one, running on Interstate 80 West through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana before arriving in the Windy City. Right near the Ohio-Indiana border, I-80 merges with I-90 and it remains that way all the way into Chicago.

Time-wise, the drive will take around 12 hours, but that's before factoring in the time needed to stop for gas or stop to eat, and without factoring in any traffic. The time that it takes you to complete the drive will depend on several factors of course, including who you're traveling with. If you're traveling with your entire family, especially with young children, chances are that you'll have to stop more frequently throughout the ride.

Travel Expenses Cost
$110 (avg. price of $3.45/gallon)
Tolls $12
Food $125 (based on a family of 4)
Lodging $93 per night (avg.)
Plane ticket
$250-$350 (avg. one-way fare)

Travel Expenses

As for the costs you'll face when making the drive from New York to Chicago, the biggest one will be the gas. The amount of money you spend on gas will vary depending on the current gas prices and depending on the car you're driving as well, as some cars get better gas mileage than others. However, on average, you can expect to spend around $110 on gas for the trip, most likely needing to stop once along the way to fill up, assuming you left with a full tank. As of March 2013, the average gas price you'll find along the route from New York to Chicago is $3.45.

The next expense you'll be faced with on the drive from New York to Chicago are the tolls you'll encounter along the way. Leaving New York City, you most likely won't have to pay any tolls because the major Hudson River crossings only charge for eastbound traffic. While there are no tolls on I-80 throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio (there is actually not much of anything on I-80 in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio, aside from a few well-placed highway rest stops), you will encounter your first toll when I-80 merges with I-90 in Indiana. Through the entire state of Indiana, you'll pay a total of $9 in tolls, and then you will pay another $3.50 on the Chicago Skyway just outside the city when I-90 connects with the Dan Ryan Expressway. This brings your toll total to $12.50 for the entire trip.

As for lodging, the 12-hour trip can be made in one day by car, however, this is also dependent on who will be making the trip. Twelve hours in the car can be a lot to handle for just about anyone, so if it's feasible for your budget and for your time constraints, stopping about halfway through the trip to catch a good night's sleep can go a long way towards making your trip more enjoyable. If you're considering the option of staying the night in a hotel, you can find rooms that range from $80 per night to $150 per night, and the average is $93, depending on where you stay or what night of the week it is.

The midway point of the trip from New York City to Chicago is around the Youngstown, Ohio area. Here is a link to Expedia featuring some hotels in the Youngstown area: click here.

If you choose to fly from New York City to Chicago, you're going to have to pay significantly more money than you would have to if you made the trip by car. However, what you're sacrificing in dollars, you're more than making up for in convenience and speed of the trip. A flight from New York to Chicago will usually take around two and a half hours, and cut your trip down by almost a full half day.

Find moving companies that can service your move from New York to Chicago.

Finding a moving company that can help you with your move from New York to Chicago doesn't have to be a chore. Below, you'll find a list of licensed moving companies that can help you get where you need to be.

Find moving companies that can service your move from Chicago to New York.

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