How to Pack a Crib

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Your baby's crib requires careful disassembly and wrapping to ensure it doesn't sustain damage during a move. Your baby's safety depends on the integrity of the crib, so be sure to exercise care when taking apart and packing a crib on your own.

How to Pack a Crib

Here are some useful tips on how to pack a crib for your move.

How to disassemble a crib

  • Before packing a crib, remove the screws and bolts from the crib. Check to see where the crib's pieces meet and carefully loosen the screws or bolts using the appropriate tool (depending on the fastener type). Place them in a Ziploc bag and label the bag appropriately to avoid misplacing the pieces during the move.
  • Remove the crib's side and mattress. If the mattress is secured by screws or bolts, gently loosen and remove them. Then place them in Ziploc bag and label the contents. Remove the mattress.
  • Remove the bolts and screws from the other side of the crib. Have someone help you by supporting the crib while you remove the hardware because this piece is holding the rest of the crib together. Remove the side. Place bolts and screws in a Ziploc bag and label it.
  • Loosen the fasteners on the side of the crib attached to the back. Remove the fasteners and detach the crib's back. Do the same with the crib's front. Place the bolts or screws in a Ziploc bag and label the contents.
  • Check for any smaller pieces that should be disassembled or removed, such as springs or wheels. Place these items in a box or carton and label it clearly.

TIP: Make sure all bags containing screws, bolts, or washers, as well as the part of the crib from which they were removed, are clearly labeled "CRIB". This will make reassembly in your new home a much simpler task.

Tips to Pack a crib for moving

  • Use protective wrapping to protect the crib. In order to protect your baby's crib for your move, you'll need to wrap all pieces with protective covering. Pack the crib carefully in packing paper or furniture blankets and secure it with packing tape. Make sure not to let the tape come in direct contact with crib's surface to avoid unsightly residue.

    For extra protection, pack the crib's pieces with foam or bubble wrap, or weave the cushioning through the spokes for extra support.

    Note: Be sure to avoid placing bubble wrap directly on any wood surface-the plastic can trap condensation or melt, destroying the wood. Always cover any surface with paper or blankets before using bubble wrap.

  • Use a crib storage box to keep the mattress. To keep your mattress clean and protected, you can purchase a specialty crib mattress box from any moving supplies retailer.
  • Attach Ziploc bags of fasteners to the appropriate crib pieces. Secure your bags of screws or bolts to the crib piece you removed them from, so you don't misplace them during the move. This will also help to eliminate confusion when it's time to reassemble the crib in your new home.
  • Load all pieces onto the truck upright. Once you have done packing your baby's crib, it's time to load all the wrapped pieces onto the truck. Remember, when loading your wrapped crib pieces and boxed mattress onto the truck, avoid placing any items on top of them. The best position to load the crib is upright and wedged between other items, such as a sofa, a full-sized mattress or a table. This will keep the wrapped crib's pieces stationary during transit.

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