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bought 5 sets of mattresses from macys and 3 frames how much from hardeeville sc to johns island charleston zip 29455

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Asked by Kevin

January 21, 2016 under Others

I need to ship mattresses from Hardeeville, SC to Johns Island, SC.

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

January 21, 2016
Good morning, thanks for visiting Shipping mattresses between Hardeeville, SC and Johns Island, SC won't be difficult. But you'll need to contact a shipping company or a moving company for an exact price.

Local moves
The distance between Hardeeville and Johns Island is about 90 miles which qualifies it as a local move. Visit our local movers page and fill out the simple quote form to find moving companies in South Carolina to move the mattresses for you.

Shipping costs
If do not want to hire a moving company, then you'll need to price out shipping costs through a dedicated shipping company like FedEx, UPS or even the US Postal Service.

Depending on your budget, you'll have to compare which method meets your needs and go from there.
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