What's the best way to move a large bed?
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How do I move a large bed?

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December 15, 2020 under Others

If you want to learn how to move a large bed efficiently, read on.

Answered by Staff Writer

February 4, 2022

moving a king size bedYou may have a lot of large furniture in your house, but nothing can be bulkier than your bed. Indeed, moving a large bed is a complicated task because you have a heavy mattress, box spring, bed frame, and a headboard to move along with it. Don't worry if you haven’t hired professional movers because we will recommend a step-by-step guide that will make your move go smoother.

How to move a King Size Bed?

We have two practical options when it comes to moving a large bed. Regardless of what you choose, keep in mind that you can’t move a large bed without professional assistance. You should arrange for proper moving help that will help you maintain the highest level of safety and effectiveness throughout your move.

Hire professional movers

A professional mover has extensive experience in moving large and bulky furniture. Also, they have the necessary equipment as well as a dependable mode of transportation, enabling them to safely move heavy household items across the country.

  • If you opt for a full-service packing and moving service for your king-size bed and mattress, you will have to pay $600 or more. The price would be subjected to the distance between your old house to your new location. This will ensure that the bed reaches your new house safely without much effort on your part.
  • The movers will quickly and securely disassemble the large bed, load it into the moving truck and make sure it arrives safely to your new location. Also, it would be the mover’s responsibility to set up your large bed in the new house.
  • You can even hire a moving company just to transport your king-size bed to the new location. This can help you reduce your overall moving cost.
  • Mostly, a moving company will deliver your mattress, bed frame, and box springs at a rate between $200-$300.

DIY Move

If you are making a local move and have a few friends who can help you move a large bed, you will not find the need to hire movers. But you must ensure to have the appropriate equipment and know the correct techniques for making the move.

What will you need to move your bed efficiently?

Here we have a list of 9 items that you need to keep handy while you move a king-size bed by yourself.

  1. Purchasing a mattress box is essential as this will protect your mattress and box spring from dust, water, or wear and tear.
  2. Bubble wrap is necessary to protect your furniture piece from scratches, cracks, or other damage.
  3. Packing tape and ropes to keep the furniture safe while in the moving truck.
  4. A moving strap would be needed if you must lift your furniture.
  5. A dolly should be rented if your bed is extremely heavy.
  6. Wrench or screwdrivers to dismantle the bed.
  7. A plastic bag to keep the screws safe after you have disassembled your furniture piece.
  8. Furniture pads
  9. Moving blankets

How do I move a large bed?

Disassembling a bed is not as complicated as it seems. Simply pack the pillows, bed linens, comforters, and blankets after washing them. Next, you need to pack the box spring and mattress in the right boxes to prevent any kind of damage. You should consider seeking help from your friends for moving heavy furniture pieces lengthwise to the moving truck. Lastly, you should wrap the bed frame and headboard with a moving blanket and a bubble wrap. This will allow it to bang the wall and damage your precious furniture piece.

While moving a bed by yourself, safety should be your priority. Hence you should take the following steps:

  • Make sure to have proper moving equipment with you. Consider checking the list above to get an idea about such equipment or supplies.
  • Consider renting a moving van of the right size as you should be able to fit the large size mattress into it. Ideally, you should rent a truck of 6 x 12" size, so that your large items fit into it.
  • Remove any obstructions from the outdoor area as well as from the pathways in your house. This will help you to take out your large bed from your old house smoothly without taking any risks.
  • Make sure that your kids or pets are not standing in the way because chances exist, they would get hurt or engaged.
  • You need to create a comprehensive plan as to how you would act in each given situation.
  • You need to wear suitable clothes and shoes as well as personal protection equipment.


In a nutshell, unless you know the techniques don’t attempt to move a large bed by yourself. Consider arranging for the necessary moving equipment to lift and move the heavy furniture piece efficiently. By doing so, you can save yourself from getting injured and make sure that your valuable furniture piece reaches your new destination safely.

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