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Do movers need everything in boxes?

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Asked by Doreen

January 3, 2021 under Others

Should I put everything in boxes for movers?

Answered by Katherine Broome

September 9, 2021

Everyone hates moving. It's stressful, makes you sore, and at times it can be pretty sad to leave behind friends and family for an unknown. Our goal at is to help take away a lot of those stresses when it comes time to move.

One stressful thing about a move is knowing what to pack your items into for movers. Are boxes fine? What do I need to be doing for the movers? To find out those questions and more, read on.

Does Everything Have to Be in Boxes?

Movers moving boxesIn general, if your items are small enough to fit in a box, then they need to go in a box. You do not want to lose items because 1) movers may not take it, 2) leaving items out of boxes make it so items can get lost, stolen, or broken, and 3) because it will take extra time to load your loose items, so make sure to pack them up to save time.

Tips For Moving with Movers

Here are some general tips when you are moving with movers:

  • Make sure you label all the boxes! Not only will this help you when unpacking in your new home, but it helps the movers know where to put your boxes and where to offload your boxes in your new home.
  • Make sure you point out which boxes or items are fragile. You can let them know by writing it on the box and by verbally letting the movers know so they know what needs to be handled gently.
  • Don’t wait to finish up packing! Finish packing before moving day, so everything is done. This ensures that you stay out of the movers’ way, and that you’re ready before the movers get there. Not only is it rude to not be done when the movers get there, no one wants that added stress of still packing the day of.
  • Keep your valuables with you! This includes jewelry, cash, important documents, prescription medications, and even electronics. This ensures that your items are kept with you, and that the moving company doesn’t have to worry or deal with your items. Keep in mind most (if not all), moving companies won’t handle your valuables so it’s up to you to deal with those items.
  • Before your movers arrive, make sure you clear out a good parking location for them. This can be in your driveway, on the street in front of your home, or in your parking lot. Make sure the movers won’t get a ticket and that their truck is easily accessible.
  • Tipping the movers: this can be a hard one. Generally, you want to tip about 10 to 15% per move. This depends on the move, how hard they worked, if stairs were involved, and, of course, if you were pleased with their service. One thing you should do throughout the day is offer drinks and snacks since it keeps everyone motivated and energized to keep doing everything efficiently.

Overall, using movers is a great way to save energy and time for your move. It is definitely a luxury for those who are moving, but for many it is necessary. Do keep in mind to put everything you can in a box to help the movers out. Also, keep those tips in mind to not only make your move easier, but your movers’ job easier as well.

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