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License Info: US DOT # 1825545
ICC MC # 662327
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 11/20/2008

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Fox Moving and Storage LLC
500 N Rainbow Blvd Ste #300
Las VegasNV 89107 USA

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Toll Free: 800-957-0889
Phone: 818-639-3860

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No Photo Marlene
August 12, 2016

They were horrible. Avoid at all costs.

They led me to believe that my furniture was going to be delivered July 6th, I didn't pack any extra medication or anything like that. And then apparently it was whenever they feel like it within the 30 day period in the small print in the contract. I didn't even know where my furniture was in the month of July. They lied. They said it would be there this weekend, but then they didn't come there was a driver emergency. Or it was in Houston and it would be delivered and it was never in Houston. When it was finally delivered they finally called me the morning of the 26th or 27th at a quarter to 9 and told me they would be there between 7 and 9 pm that day. And I said I'm supposed to get 24 hours notice. Which is what they kept telling me. The guy said look you'd have to wait another two weeks and incur storage charges and everything else so you better take it or we'll mark it down as a refusal. Even though I'm a senior citizen. And I was uncomfortable having furniture delivered at 7 o'clock at night. When it was finally delivered it looked like an elephant sat on the boxes. I have so many missing items including a bed and numerous other items of furniture.

Origin : Santa Cruz, CA
Destination : San Antonio, TX

No Photo Stephen
July 28, 2016

Overall it was a terrible experience.

They jacked the price up at the last minute almost doubling the price and I was not in a position to fight it. Secondly they never told me there was a surcharge for using my credit card and I ended up paying 5% extra because of that. Thirdly they damaged three of my pieces. Fourthly they never got there on time. They were more than 2 days late picking my items up. they told me that it was going to be directly delivered and then it went into a warehouse for a week. When they finally came they called at 6:30 and said we're an hour away, you need to have $2000 cash at 6:00 at night. We put them off until the next day and they tried to charge more for putting them off to the next day. Overall it was a wholly terrible experience.

Origin : Arriola, CO
Destination : North Platte, NE

No Photo Casimir
June 6, 2016


Communicated promptly and did a very ...

Prior to the move they promptly communicated every time we made changes including on the last day before they came to pick-up so...when the movers showed up, Jesse and his team they were quick and they did a very good job of packing things properly even though it was late at night, they did the job. Then we drove from California to North Carolina. They kept in touch and when they came for delivery they told us approximately when they would be coming to deliver and the delivery people showed up at the time that the driver indicated.They did unpack everything and they counted every single item and they did a good job overall. We were worried about the move but they did a very good job.

Origin : Lincoln, CA
Destination : Fuquay Varina, NC

No Photo Tim
June 2, 2016


It was fine except they lost a chair.

It was fine except that they lost a chair. The pricing was fine I guess, it was the same as everybody else. Use them but make sure you're carrying insurance on everything.

Origin : Goleta, CA
Destination : Centereach, NY

No Photo Myriah
April 12, 2016



**BEWARE OF FOX Moving LLC** Fox Moving, along with half a dozen other moving companies, provided an estimate to me. This was for a relatively small move, ~200cu. One of the items being shipped was a canoe, which was very clearly identified in the inventory list on the estimate as "CANOE 15X2.75X1"".. The moving day came and the Fox Movers showed up, shortly after I was informed that the shipment of the canoe would require a "bulky item" fee, and that I should have been made aware of this at the time the estimate was given because this would be an automatic fee for an item like a canoe. They stated unless I paid several hundred dollars more, they would not ship my canoe. The quote very clearly indicated "This is a binding quote based on the information you have provided and services you have requested". When I called Fox Moving to ask them to please honor their quote they told me that when they arrive if something is different than as described on the estimate, they reserve the right to adjust the estimate. I explained that the estimate very clearly identified the item as a CANOE and had the precise dimensions, so what changed? The fact of the matter is, the fault lies with them failing to inform me at the time the quote was provided that a bulky item fee would apply. Yet instead of doing the honorable thing, doing what any good business interested in maintaining its good name would do, they refused to pack my canoe unless I coughed up the additional money. Needless to say I am extremely disappointed in Fox Moving and will not be using them again.

Origin : Sacramento, CA
Destination : Leesburg, VA

No Photo Arthur
February 5, 2016


They raised the price after delivering ...

They gave me the price, they came to my home and the price changed ... The guy that was moving my stuff told me that it was gonna be x-amount, but if I gave him a $100 tip he would lower the amount for me. I told him that I didn't feel safe with that and I wanted my stuff taken off of the truck and he said that he had to charge me because they already had it on the truck ... I ended up signing a contact for a certain rate, we ended up negotiating and I got it down to a lower rate. They agreed, they took my stuff and then they wouldn't return my items to me unless I paid a higher amount when they got here.

Origin : Santa Clarita, CA
Destination : Attleboro, MA

No Photo Jamie
January 26, 2016


OVERCHARGED, RIPOFF and Demolished ...

Orange Van lines originally quoted 2200 cubic Ft, over the phone tome for a Intrastate move from TX to IL and I knew there would be some leeway based on a phone conversation but 1000 SQ cubic Ft The truck arrives at new place and I ask to see the cubic feet markings on the ceiling, he said no problem and it said 2400 Cubic Ft, I called Customer service and “Katia” said I did not know what I was talking about and pay up or they would not give me my things. . When the movers were unloading the truck, I was called to see multiple times, which meant something was either broken or damaged. Four major items were destroyed, MY Thomasville dining room was completely ruined, they shattered the cabinet mirror when they broke through the back, they completely tore the side off the SIDE of the base, tore a leg off a chair (I mean ripped the wood), not just at the screws, the glass shelves broken and all the hardware missing and the table leaves. They must have used My new Samsung black French door refrigerator as a hockey puck as it is so scratched up, from top to bottom and two corners completely dented in, that it is unusable. My bedroom set had smashed corners, and wood details missing. My final cost went from $6,135.96 to $9,740.00 and upon delivery balance of $3650.80 in CASH to release my things. Total Damages approx. $8,000 to $12,000

Origin : tx
Destination : il

Quoted Price : $6,400.00
Actual Price : $9,700.00

No Photo Charles
December 18, 2015


They hold everything hostage cause ...

They picked it up in one type of truck. Packed everything, and didn't let me know what kinda packaging materials they were using, just charged me whatever they wanted to charge for that stuff--and we had most of it packed in boxes. Then, the truck was late a few days, they kept having truck problems, broke down--it was a big old semi, it couldn't get to my house. I had to rent another Penske truck to unload it from his truck to our truck. It was just a nightmare. They hold everything hostage cause they want cash at the time of delivery.

Origin : Azusa, CA
Destination : Luttrell, TN

No Photo Juan
December 17, 2015


Legalized conmen

If I could give negative stars I would. These guys are horrible - DO NOT USE!!! They were extremely lazy and dragged everything across the floor instead of lifting. Eventually one of my storage containers slipped and broke open, spilling my jewellery all over the side walk in Grand Forks. Some other glass items broke as well. Then, during payment, I give them a 20% tip. They ask me for more money, and, tired, I just give it to them so I could move on. Later I find that my expensive pearl earrings and necklace are missing. They were either stolen or they spilled out during the accident. Either way, I don't know why but the most expensive items are the ones lost. I contact them. All they do is deny and refuse to pay. They do not have a claims system. My stuff can't be recovered, but I'm writing this to let everyone else know DO NOT USE THESE GUYS.

Origin : Aberdeen, MD
Destination : Grand Forks, ND

Quoted Price : $2,900.00
Actual Price : $3,500.00

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