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Year of Estd: 1/20/2020

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Mover Van Lines
5940 S. Rainbow Blvd
Las VegasNV 89118 USA

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Phone: 628-200-0845
Fax: 702-835-9301

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No Photo Joe
March 18, 2023

Scam movers

Paid for a move from vegas to maine. My stuff sat in a warehouse for 4 months in vegas until i decided not to move from vegas. Upon delivery where my things were basically thrown out of the truck into the garage late one evening and then they left before i could unpack anything i discovered most furniture items that i did get back were damaged. The majority of my boxes were lost. In short thousands of dollars in lost items or damaged. And that move to Maine that i paid for yet never had the items shipped??? I was told id get a $800 dollar refund. That hasn't happened over 2 months later. I almost forgot.... heres a example ofthe bs they pull before they pick up your stuff. They do a phone quote, I said king size bed. The day before pickup they go over your items again over the phone and on hearing bed they asked if it had a frame. I said " yes i told you before a king size bed not a king size mattress on the floor". Oh no he says thats more for a frame and my price on just that item is raised a few hundred dollars. Fast forward to pick up day and the crew working says " oh you have a box spring with that king bed and frame thats a few hundred more for that item. Now you might say why not argue it, well when you paid the original deposit which is significant for a cross country move and have to be gone by a certain day you have no choice. and these shady af movers know that. stay clear at all cost. and the icing onthe cake was i gave the pick up crew several items from my home i didnt use or need and all the items from my liquor cabinet as a gift.

Origin : Las Vegas
Destination : Bangor Maine

Quoted Price : $7,000.00
Actual Price : $11,000.00

No Photo Martin
December 23, 2022

Stay Far Away From Mover Van Lines

this company overcharge me over $1400. After promising to review photos and emails forwarded to them for their discrepancy,they completely disregarded it and provided no return call back the gals that answer the phone are rude and Kate and customer service is no help. Ann in billing also is no help. The company is dishonest. Stay far away from Mover van lines and Las Vegas

Origin : pendalton oregon
Destination : clarksville tenn

Quoted Price : $4,500.00
Actual Price : $6,900.00

No Photo P
August 5, 2022

Dont use this company

I use them because of low time. They broke most of my stuff. Im missing a lot of things,2 exspensive televisions.,vacuum cleaner,microwave,the list goes on. All they say is file a claim. Very disappointment. Be aware do not use this company. Almost all my item received is damaged ! Bad company!

Origin : Las vegas
Destination : Indiana

Quoted Price : $4,000.00
Actual Price : $3,500.00

No Photo Tim
April 15, 2022

STOP! Read this first

I read the reviews of this company online before I chose Nationwide Moving Services to move from Phoenix to Michigan. Jason was very helpful, but I forgot to ask one very important question: are you a broker? That would have been the first red flag. On the day the movers showed up with a box delivery truck, I should have realized they were going to move my household goods without sealing it in a secured box like Allied Van Lines, to minimize the damage. The moving company is called MoveR Van Lines. Eli was very friendly and tried to answer my questions as best he could. He also recommended using the free option 2 waiver of full replacement value, and any damage claims can be submitted after delivery. What he didn't mention was replacement of damaged items is 60 cents per pound. More on that later. When I arrived in Michigan, I contacted Respect LLC dba MoveR Van Lines and emailed the address to send my household goods two weeks in advance. After the two weeks passed, I emailed them again to see when my stuff would arrive. Katy Smith replied that she was working on getting a driver and truck scheduled and would call me when it was ready. Another week went by before the driver called saying he was three hours away (Chicago) and would delivering my items. When Yuri started to unload the household goods, all the boxes that I packed appeared to be intact. One of the mattresses did not have a bag on it and it became heavily soiled during the move. My wife's lift-top coffee table was damaged beyond repair. Our 75" flat-screen LED TV had the back cracked and broken, and the front was now curved. Several picture frames were broken along with a small bookcase. Total current value of these items is about $2500. Total weight is 120 pounds. This was my second mistake, choosing limited liability instead of full replacement value. Of course my first mistake was using a moving BROKER! (Interesting fact: all the items I packed arrived undamaged.) It was only after I arrived here that I looked online again, and discovered the most recent reviews showed what I was about to experience. This is what you need to know before you select a moving company: If you are moving across town, you should be fine. Choose wisely, oversee the loading and unloading if possible, and don't be afraid to request additional packing materials. If you are moving more than 300 miles, be aware that the movers may pick up your items, drive and unload in another city, and do this several times. (My stuff was loaded and unloaded at least 7 times. That is how damage occurs.) If you are moving across state lines, DO NOT USE A BROKER! Spend the extra money and use a reputable carrier that will box up your items in a shipping container for maximum protection. The reason my items were damaged was the shipment was "bunny hopped" across country. Each time it was loaded and unloaded was done using a contracted delivery service (not their own company) and became a

Origin : Phoenix
Destination : Flint

Quoted Price : $9,400.00
Actual Price : $9,400.00

No Photo Nahid
October 12, 2021

Awful experience

Pick up date: 08/26/2021 Delivery date: 09/26/2021 Movers Van Lines U.S. DOT# 3283446 MC# 1038492 Company Address: 3555 W QUAIL AVE SUITE C. Las Vegas, NV 89118 I saw this company got very good review here. But those are fake reviews. Their service is horrible, they will purposefully delay your delivery and hire bunch of thugs and criminals and steal your valuable items. If someone go the YELP page, they can see some real review from real customer ( They deliver our belonging 30 days later, but when we asked during the quote-how long they would take to deliver, they mentioned maximum 10 days. Later when we asked repeatedly when would they deliver, they told it would take 30 days and showed us that maximum delivery time is 30 days. Clearly, they lied and deceived us with the 30 days delivery time. At the end, when their driver came to deliver, he mentioned that he would need another $750+$200=$950 upfront. Without paying upfront, he would not start delivering. So, we paid, but the driver or the company never gave us the receipt. We asked repeatedly for the receipt. Until now they did not provide any. At some point during moving, we asked where is the TV. The driver said he is going to check in the van and then disappear with his crew. Later we found that our DSLR camera was missing too. The camera was put in the box and the box was labeled as as 'Camera'. We believe, as soon as the movers saw the 'Camera" label, they just stole it along with our TV. Also, they did not unpack/reassemble anything and turn off phones. They acted very suspiciously. We asked the Mover Van Lines (moving company); they did not help at all. We asked them if the TV is lost from their end. They did not provide any information. We suspect someone stole the TV and DSLR camera (especially as soon as we asked for the TV, all of them just ran away). The overall experience is extremely bitter. We had to wait full 30 days just to get belongings back, they charged more money, but did not unpack/reassemble anything, did not gave the receipt, broke some of the dishes, stole the TV and camera. We asked the moving company for driver/invoice/stolen items, but they did not provide any information. I think they saw as people of color and thought it would be very easy to stole from us and nothing would happen!

Origin : Chandler, AZ
Destination : Hillsboro, OR

No Photo Scott
September 14, 2021

Excellent moving company

This is a great moving company. They are amazing in customer service and are always willing to help. They answered all my questions with a friendly smile. We use this moving company from Los Angles to San Diego. All my boxes were in order and well protected. If you have to move from home they were the best and have great rates. The guys that help me out were Oscar, Eric, and Sam, they were awesome and outstanding. I highly recommend them for everyone to use.

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : San Deigo, CA

Quoted Price : $4,700.00
Actual Price : $4,700.00

No Photo Hugh
September 14, 2021

Great service

The workers moved all of our things from our one-bedroom apartment in a little over an hour. Everything was wrapped very securely in plastic or blankets and moved perfectly, even our big recliner and couches. My big 60 inch TV and expensive TV stand were all unassembled, wrapped, and then reassembled perfectly at our new place. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised when they arrived 15 minutes early from the scheduled move time. I have never had movers arrive early in my life. Also it was a pleasure to have their great attitude and sense of humor throughout the process. We couldn't have asked for better movers. thank you.

Origin : Reno, NV
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Quoted Price : $4,500.00
Actual Price : $4,500.00

No Photo Stevenjones
September 13, 2021

Good team

This must have been the fastest and smoothest move in history, just two hours for loading and unloading! The movers showed up on time, were courteous to me and each other, and it was nice to see them in good spirits. The foreman, was very professional. The owner contacted me after the move to check on things. He also contacted me frequently before the move, which was reassuring. They are not the cheapest, but it was my first move in 5 years and totally worth it. I would definitely use them again and recommend them.

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Quoted Price : $7,000.00
Actual Price : $6,900.00

No Photo Matt
September 13, 2021

Careful and Professional

Too many good things to say about these movers. They were so quick, so helpful, so careful and most importantly so kind during such a stressful time of moving. They showed up early and got moving. Usually movers drag their feet with time or just drop everything at the front door, but these guys went above and beyond what was asked. Helped with the big things such as couches and beds and even helped with the little bags of random stuff. Packed everything in the truck so carefully and we're great to be around. Seriously thank you guys so much!

Origin : Henderson, NV
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Quoted Price : $4,500.00
Actual Price : $4,400.00

No Photo Rickywilliam
September 12, 2021

happy with these movers

Really, really happy with these guys! They arrived on time, all three movers were always polite and professional, and they simply did a great job. There were even nice little touches that made an impression: for example offering to help when someone was carrying a box, and going the extra mile when wrapping and padding things - we felt comfortable and in good hands. The owner came by during the move to check how things were going and to help with certain items. No extra charge, just a courtesy and quality visit. He seems to care about his customers and his company. Overall these guys did a great job and made a positive impression on us. I certainly don't want to move again anytime soon but if I do I'll be giving these guys another call.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Phoenix, AZ

Quoted Price : $7,500.00
Actual Price : $7,500.00

No Photo Kenneth
September 12, 2021

hassle-free service

I hired this moving company twice for moving and I can say it is fast, efficient, and simple. Their website is extremely user-friendly and makes it easy to request a quote, update inventory, and contact customer service if needed. They are also very responsive prior to moving and offer the best quote out of the companies I have contacted. The movers are extremely punctual, always arriving at the beginning of the expected window time and the entire experience is hassle-free. I would definitely recommend their service!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Henderson, NV

Quoted Price : $6,200.00
Actual Price : $6,200.00

No Photo Garybroach
September 11, 2021

Responsive and affordable movers

My wife and I sold our house quickly and needed an in town move quickly. I called a few references from friends, but no one was available. I saw the great reviews for this company and gave them a call. They were very responsive and called back immediately. I described what was needed. I was provided a quote with an hourly rate. It was very fair. The team arrived on time and worked very quickly. There was no rest time and the guys actually ran at times. There was no loafing around. I didn't demand anything like what I saw, but really spoke volumes for hourly workers. The team brought to my attention any damages to furniture before it was moved. They were packed up in less than 3 hours and unloaded in less than 2. The price was less than the estimate. We were very pleased and will use them again on our next move.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Elko, NV

Quoted Price : $4,500.00
Actual Price : $4,400.00

No Photo George
September 11, 2021

very friendly and professional

I can't say enough good things about this company. I was not completely packed and had to leave my apartment sooner than expected. These guys finished packing, down to the detail of noticing a precious item I still had on the wall. They delivered during bad weather. When I unpacked I could see the care that they took in packing my things. They were super-fast, super professional, very friendly, and prices were reasonable. I was so grateful for making this choice. I hope you guys are doing well!

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

No Photo Sophia
September 10, 2021

Great experience

For being my first big move, the experience was flawless. Great communication before/during the whole process. Very friendly and respectful crew. They took care of my items as if it were their own. Moving from state to state comes with its challenges but their patience and experience dealing with them made it so much smoother. Everyone hates the thought of Moving but the team made it look so easy. One hopes not to have to even Move too much, but happy to know now I have the confidence in using them again every time! Overall it was as seamless as one can hope for. Thanks

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Quoted Price : $7,500.00
Actual Price : $7,300.00

No Photo Charles
September 10, 2021

Great to work with this company

We had a major move that included full packing of a 4 bedroom apartment moving into a townhouse with 4 floors! It was a ton of work, but the crew of three that did our move worked tirelessly for two days until it was done to our satisfaction. They are very clear about the rates they charge so you know what to expect as far as pricing goes, depending on how long your move takes. No hidden fees or mystery charges. The customer service we received over the phone and in person was stellar. They also do longer moves in addition to local ones. I will be using them again in November when we move my mom from California to Florida. Highly recommend this company as it's so hard to find movers you can trust.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Reno, NV

Quoted Price : $4,900.00
Actual Price : $4,900.00

No Photo Bryan
September 5, 2021

Excellent work

The company does everything that they say they will and does it professionally as well. There is no hidden charges, mysterious numbers that suddenly appear or anything of the sort. Their crews are zealous, hardworking and want to please. A lot of credit goes to their leader who just might be the fastest in the business at returning your inquiries and requests. Rest assured with this company that moving DOES NOT have to be a major chore! "Seamless and painless".

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Topanga, CA

Quoted Price : $7,200.00
Actual Price : $7,000.00

No Photo Aidenj
September 4, 2021

Stress free move

The crew showed up on time and ready to go! They worked so fast and efficiently while still making sure to take extra good care of my belongings. All of the delicate furniture was wrapped and they even reassembled all of it at my new place. They also make sure everything is in place exactly where you want it. The crew was super polite and friendly. I will definitely be using them in the future and I highly recommend to anyone who is moving. Thanks again for making my move as stress-free as possible!

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Henderson, NV

Quoted Price : $4,000.00
Actual Price : $3,900.00

No Photo Charles
September 4, 2021

Very professional

These guys are far and away the best movers I've ever worked with. They were punctual, courteous and highly sensitive to the more delicate items. They made sure everything was completely unpacked and perfectly placed before getting on to their next job. They made the whole moving process so much easier than it's ever been in the past - I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for careful, considerate and responsible movers.

Origin : Norfolk, VA
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Quoted Price : $6,000.00
Actual Price : $6,400.00

No Photo Noahd
September 3, 2021

Great company to work with

I used these movers for my move this weekend and couldn't be happier with the service I received. This was my first time hiring movers and they did a great job. The crew arrived during the time frame specified and once they arrived, they quickly began loading up items, making sure to securely cover all my furniture items and stack everything properly. I hadn't packed my coats and jackets and the guys neatly hung them all up in their wardrobe box. I wasn't even expecting that and really appreciated it. I recently bought my first home and they made sure to carefully move the items into my new place. They offered to move things into specific areas, and asked if I knew where I wanted such items, etc. On top of how efficient they were, they were also very pleasant. The guys had great attitudes and worked fast. Lastly, their prices are extremely reasonable compared to other companies! I had a great experience all around and I'd definitely use them again for another move.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Elko, NV

Quoted Price : $3,200.00
Actual Price : $3,000.00

No Photo Kevin
September 3, 2021

Good team of movers

Amazing team. I called them last minute 4 days before my move, and they communicated very clearly and efficiently with me to figure out details. Morning of, they sent a text message letting me know the ETA of the truck. They moved my furniture and boxes safely and protected all my furniture. Upon arriving to my new location, I was living on the 4th floor (8 flights of stairs) with no service elevator, and the team was flexible and moved all my things without any complaint and finished quickly. My furniture was also reassembled in a timely manner and they protected the carpet at the new place as well. When we were all finished, the new place was still very clean. I highly recommend them for a reliable moving company!

Origin : Edinburg, TX
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Quoted Price : $5,900.00
Actual Price : $6,100.00

No Photo Luis
September 2, 2021

responsive and affordable movers

I would highly recommend this moving company! I contacted several companies and the communication from their office was the best. They were very thorough which showed me how professional they are. I had a team of 4 guys who all worked really well together, each person seemed to know their role to make it all come together quickly and efficiently. The guys were very polite and respectful with the furnishings. They took great care to properly wrap everything so there was no damage or scratches. My interior design company will definitely be using them for all moving services. I wouldn't waste time contacting any other companies.

Origin : San Deigo, CA
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Quoted Price : $5,600.00
Actual Price : $5,500.00

No Photo Kelsey
September 2, 2021

Excellent and affordable moving ...

They were very responsive during the estimation and booking process. They showed up on time with the agreed upon equipment and personnel. They were friendly, and most importantly very efficient and hard working. They beat their own time estimate by hours so we ended up saving money. All of our belongings arrived at the new house in the same condition we left them at the old house. I've already recommended their services to friends.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Los Angeles

Quoted Price : $7,200.00
Actual Price : $6,900.00

No Photo Charlesd
September 1, 2021

Excellent service

Thanks again to the Google for helping me find another excellent service provider. Couldn't be more pleased with my move yesterday. The guys were prompt, courteous, efficient and pleasant to be around for three and a half hours. And they remained pleasant even though it was a second story condo and the heat index was over 100. The price seemed reasonable to me. Didn't actually shop around too much after having read so many horror story reviews about other movers. Good service was my top priority and we got it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for any move.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $6,400.00
Actual Price : $6,700.00

No Photo David
September 1, 2021

Professional movers

I found this moving company on google right before moving from Las Vegas to Chicago. They are so professional and gave me a precise quote. My three movers were incredibly fast and careful with all of my belongings. They put extra wrapping and tape on anything I didn't properly pack - Leave it to the professionals! 10/10 would absolutely recommend and I would use this moving company again. Don't forget to tip and provide water and snacks to your movers folks! They're working extra hard so you don't have to. I'd also like to add, my communication while booking with them was great. We had an emergency last minute change and the manager was helpful all along the way. His communication was clear and all my expectations were met!

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Chicago, IL

Quoted Price : $7,200.00
Actual Price : $7,000.00

No Photo Robert
August 31, 2021

Good experience

My brother was moving to Los Angeles from Las Vegas and they picked up his things from two locations. One was a storage facility and the other our home. We had a lot of things to wrap and sort. The guys were fantastic! They wrapped everything very well taking extreme care to make sure that my brother's furniture, pictures, mirrors, computer monitor etc. would travel well across the country. They took care of us like we were their own family with smiles and laughs the whole time. What could have been difficult and stressful was a breeze! Everything was easy and everything we asked was responded to with a yes. They way exceeded our expectations and were a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Los Angeles, CA

Quoted Price : $5,000.00
Actual Price : $4,700.00

No Photo Ann
August 20, 2021


So far it's been 10 weeks since we've seen our property. Now they quit answering the phone. The ones who loaded a truck with the possessions were great, after that the company totally sucked. I've been told 2 different times it was on the way. Then I call again and they say it hasn't been loaded yet. They tell me our stuff is in a climate controlled warehouse. They initially packed our stuff in a truck on 6-13, 2021 and as the items got added to the truck the price kept getting higher. They asked when was the soonest date we could accept the property and I said 6-14, 2021. Here it is 10 weeks later and still no belongings. After checking the BBB site, this seems to be a common occurrence with Mover Van Lines. So here we are, have no clue where our belongings are, can't contact anyone. Guess the next step is the Nevada Attorney General.

Origin : Las Vegas, Ne
Destination : Alden, Kansas

Quoted Price : $4,830.00
Actual Price : $7,056.45

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