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Using Social Media to Meet People After You Move

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Moving is difficult--not only because you have to physically pack all your belongings and haul them to your new home, but because you're moving away from your friends and family. Making friends as an adult can be difficult to do, but thanks to social media it's a bit easier. Social media is not only a useful tool to keep in touch with friends and family after you move--you can also use it to reach out and make new friends.


With the world in the palm of our hands--hiding behind a 5-inch touchscreen-- it's never been easier to reach out through social media sites. It seems like there is a new app launched every day that makes it even more effortless. With just the swipe of a finger you can find a friend, soul mate or just a date.

Besides dating apps like OKCupid and Tinder, other apps can be useful tools for meeting new people. Think about what apps you already use and consider opportunities to reach out to someone. Maybe you use a clothes resale app, and you're consistently selling to the same user who happens to live in your new area. Perhaps you could arrange for an in-person clothing swap!

Social media groups

Websites like Facebook and LinkedIn have groups that you can join based on your interests, goals and location. If you're into fitness, there's a group you can join (in fact, there's probably hundreds of groups you can join!). If you're an admirer of Impressionist paintings, there's likely a group for that, too. No matter your interest, chances are there is a group you can join to become part of an online conversation.

Forums are also a great way to meet new people online. On the internet there's a forum for every topic--car enthusiasts, cell phone hackers, giant pumpkin growers--everything.

Review sites

Believe it or not, you could probably find a few friends through a review site. Sites and apps like Foursquare and Yelp put the power in your hands. On both sites you can leave tips and reviews on restaurants, bars and businesses. If you become an authority on a certain location, you could even gain a few extra followers. After you've gotten the hang of using Yelp, you can easily search out popular hangout spots and start frequenting them on your own. Pretty soon you'll become a regular and maybe--just maybe--everyone will know your name.

Get out there

Don't let moving stop you from meeting new people. Becoming friends with people through social media is a great way to expand your network and acquaintances without having to make small talk with strangers in the grocery line. Start off by getting to know more about your new home online and take it from there. Networking is a scary word for many people, but instead of just blindly clicking the "add friend" button, see if you share a mutual friend and ask your friend to introduce you. It will save you a bit of awkwardness and some legwork.

Moving is an excellent time to get out there and socialize! As you're exploring your new home, introduce yourself to people and before you know it, you'll create a new network of friends.

Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on November 19, 2014

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