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License Info: US DOT # 882054
ICC MC # 365449
Insurance: On file: $750,000
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Year of Estd: 1/1/1992

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Twins Van Lines
168-C Rollins Ave
RockvilleMD 20852 USA

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Phone: 301-230-2223 / 5860 / 2239 / 2311
Fax: 301-230-2966

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No Photo Gregory
October 29, 2013

Proud to have selected Twins Van Lines

Thank you for a job well done! Your guys were super in getting my things moved from Rockville, MD to Gaithersburg, MD. They took their time in getting my things wrapped and packed with out damaging anything. Just wanted to say thanks for a great experience! Greg -

Origin : Bel Air, MD
Destination : Rockville, MD

Quoted Price : $1,150.00
Actual Price : $1,365.00

No Photo Raj
August 27, 2012

A mediocre move

The movers didn't show up on time and they were 12 hours late. They arrived but came with less boxes for packing. The estimate was not clear. They said the prices are based on the weight but they didn't weigh the truck. The only good part was the delivery of goods which was a couple of days earlier than the said date.

Origin : Alexandria, VA
Destination : Texarkana, TX

No Photo Suzanne
July 31, 2012

Twins Movers should be called Triplets ...

Twins movers gave us a moving quote of $1,300 over the phone after asking us our particulars. We explained that we would be partly pre packed, the number of rooms of furniture we had, and that they would need to store it for at least one night before delivery. All the employees knew the estimate was wrong from the get go - the man in charge who came in to pack and move items was very defensive and told us immediately it would cost more-but remember they have you trapped, b/c you must move that day and cant book another company at that point! In the end they billed us $3,700! Each time we complained they told us that we would have to pay all or we would not get our stuff! Is that even legal or isnt that extortion? All lies from top down. For example, when we complained to the boss, he said we should have received an email itemizing our moving costs. There never was an email sent AND he could not forward it to us later b/c it never existed. Look - they know you probably wont move again in a while, and they are banking on getting more money from you than their estimate - it was set up that way from the get go. Our advice- never get a quote over the phone only- if you must- make sure they give you a complete good faith estimate in writing and signed (get this-Twins BOXES will cost you $500 or more ) . Honest movers will have an estimator come to your house- their quote will be more accurate, And, for your sake, please dont use Twins movers, or it could cost you in TRIPLETS!

Origin : North Bethesda, MD
Destination : Poolesville, MD

Quoted Price : $1,300.00
Actual Price : $3,700.00

No Photo James
July 30, 2012

Efficient service but bad pricing

I was quite impressed with these movers and their fast and efficient service. On the other hand, I was rather disappointed with the pricing as they charged three times more than what they quoted.

Origin : Palmdale, PA
Destination : N Cornwall, PA

No Photo Kathy
June 18, 2012

Not as "Good" as promised (quoted by ...

I was so happy to have found movers who could accomodate my schedule! I worked hard ahead of time to make sure the move would go as planned (it was on a weekend). I tried to update my inventory the Friday before, to adjust the estimate to the smaller amount of goods to move, but the link didn't work. Day of move - I was told arrival would be between 8 and 9 am. I didn't hear anything until after 9 am, when I was told the crew would arrive by 10:30 because the truck broke down. When they did arrive, it was in a rental truck - I have to compliment them on working to make sure they showed up at all. However, I had family who had flown in to help me with the smaller items so timing was a critical factor in the move itself. (it was across town) Also, the crew stretch-wrapped some of my furniture, instead of using blankets. This took extra time. I had been assured that I was only paying for the time I used, rather than for the total amount. There was some confusion about this with the crew, and I had to argue about the final payment. The time ran over a half an hour for the stretch wrapping, and the stretch wrap they did on some of my "discarded" furniture they decided to garbage pick from me (which was fine) - but I paid for the time they took to wrap it and load it into the truck! Overall, it could have been a lot worse. The damage to the apartment walls will come out of my security deposit, but most of my furniture was in one piece.

Origin : Lititz, PA
Destination : Ephrata, PA

Quoted Price : $857.00
Actual Price : $732.00

No Photo Busey
June 5, 2012

hidden cost / lots of damage

four men came to my home on time and introduced themselves. they brought a medium size rental truck and moved me approx 10 miles. My household goods had to be transported in two loads. (note: i have had 5 professional job related moves and one local move) all used a tractor trailer which was full and all moves involved a site assess of my home. The first load went well until they were unloading the truck. i watched the mover drop my two dining table inserts end over end. They appeared to stay in tact but both the mover and the foreman acted as though it was no big deal. After lunch, which i provided ,things went downhill. They appeared exhausted and aggrivated and ready to get the move over with. So far i have found damage to the corner of my dinning table which appears to have been dropped so that it shattered the finish on the top. the tripmmolding on an armoire was ripped off and my friend noted it and had the movers locate the trim piece inside one of the moving blankets. the frame on a television is split in half and appear i was instructed to leave items inside to furniture which upset the movers. After eight hours i was charged the agreed hourly rate but charged an additional $300.00 for packing materials such as plastic wrap, cut up boxes and tape. there was no breakdown of materials used. It was just the opinion of the driver.

Origin : Winchester, VA
Destination : Winchester, VA

Quoted Price : $920.00
Actual Price : $1,300.00

No Photo Tarrese
January 17, 2012

Great Service

The movers were fast, professional and very kind.

Origin : Washington, DC
Destination : Silver Spring, MD

Quoted Price : $350.00
Actual Price : $350.00

Twins Van Lines is committed to avail a wide variety of moving services to its customers. A professional and full-service moving company in the US, it strives to meet all moving needs of customers, whether it is local move, long distance move, commercial move or Piano Move. We also provide state of the art packing services and supply, and storage facility.

Over the years we have gone from our professional sales department to our modern trucks and moving equipment. Our aim is to exceed your moving expectations during this stressful period.

We also provide several special moving services. These include Pianos, Fine Art or Statues.

Local Move

Twins Van lines Inc. is known for its professional local moving services both residential & commercial. Local moves are calculated on an hourly basis on a list of items. In other words the amount of items you wish to move will determine the overall estimate of the move and the number of men you will need.

If any additional services are necessary, the driver with your signature must also complete the Additional Services Performed Origin/Destination Service and Delivery Report.

Long Distance Move

Twins Van lines Inc. is a specialist in nationwide long distance moving and relocation. It has many years of combined experience; staff and movers take great pride in doing the job right. Its movers take exceptional care and pride while moving all of your household and office items.

Long distance moves are calculated based on the amount of goods you wish to ship cross-country. Your driver will present you with the Bill of Lading. This authorizes the carrier to transport your goods.

Commercial Moves

Whether you want moving your office or warehouse, locally, or across the country, we have the capability and resources to do the job rightly. Our experienced and competent team helps you for an easy and trouble free commercial move.

Packing services and supply

We offer a full range of packing supplies available for pickup or delivered right to your door. Therefore, we have listed a number of things for you to consider when planning your move, if you decide to do it yourself.


We only offer storage in fully enclosed modern buildings, which is protected by a state of the art, 24 hr security system. When using our storage service, your items are first inventoried for their condition, and then wrapped. We offer daily, monthly or long-term storage.

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